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    400 jam packed crowd once again in Reseda, CA

    1. Tommaso Ciampa def Rocky Romero – a fun hard hitting crowd opener – Ciampa’s theme music is ‘Living La Vida Loca’ for some reason

    2. ACH def Cedric Alexander
    - a fantastic match the got the crowd rocking – Handshake afterward

    3. Best Friends def The Unbreakable Effin’ Shabangs (Johnny Gargano and Michael Elgin) – big group hug afterwards – for those wondering Brian Cage had a torn hamstring which is why he wasn’t there

    4. Trevor Lee def Kevin Steen via small package – Great match. “Thank You Steen” chants afterwards – Steen says he’s going help Generico raise orphans in Mexico

    5. Frankie Kazarian def Brian Kendrick via Flux Capacitor

    6. Roderick Strong def Adam Cole via orange crush backbreaker – Roddy is now the #1 contender to the PWG title

    7. PWG World Title: Champion Kyle O’Reilly def Chris Hero via cross arm bar – Hard hitting but a little too long
    - Roderick Strong attacks Kyle O Reilly after the match and holds up the world title.

    8. PWG World Tag Team Championship Guerrilla Warfare Match: The World’s Cutest Tag Team (Candice LeRae & Joey Ryan) def The Young Bucks to win the tag titles after a ballplex onto tacks – Gummies, tables, chairs and tacks were involved
    - After the match, Mount Rushmore have a moment in the ring. Triple super kick on Steen!

    Mount Rushmore leaves Steen alone in the ring. Fans chant for Steen afterward. Show over.

    Hasta la vista Kevin
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  2. Kinda predicted rushmore would betray Steen but still...seems great.

    WCTT as tag champs will be fun and Strong vs O'reilly feud?

    Anyway, Nice to see steen helping generico with those Mexican orphans.
  3. "BALLSPLEX ONTO TACKS" whaaaaaat.

    I'm pretty sure that O'Reilly is just gonna go through a bunch of people til Willie Mack is ready to claim the throne.

    Trevor Lee vs. Steen tho. Gotta watch that.
  4. You mean the guy who isn't even booked by PWG anymore?
  5. Willie Mack will be back to claim the title. It's his destiny. hopes that Stopspot knows that he is joking
  6. I know you're joking silly.

    I think it'll sadly Elgin who is next on the throne.
  7. No pls. I really don't care for Elgin. But, I actually don't know who I'd see beating O'Reilly... Could Trevor Lee possibly rise up in the ranks of PWG to defeat O'Reilly?
  8. In short: No

    In long: He's far from that. PWG is a super fed, meaning the title belt is almost always on people at the top of the independent circuit, with some of the locals/originals circling through to keep the scene fresh. Trevor Lee has yet to break out of the North Carolinas yet bar PWG. He's practically lowest on the totem pole when it comes to being in line I'd imagine.
  9. I just threw Trevor Lee out there cause I'm already a fan of him. Is there anyone that you could see beating O'Reilly for the title?
  10. As PWG looks now:
    Hero, Gargano, Strong, Kazarian (he's the first ever PWG champ afterall), Ricochet, Elgin

    With some work:
    Ciampa, Cage, Taylor, Trent

    Alot of work:
    Everyone else.

    Depends on how long they want Kyle's reign to be
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    @Hollywood Jwab did you catch this?
  12. Oh god, That looks brutal. I can't wait to watch the match but... I don't know how I feel watching poor Candice bleeeding all over.
  13. Saw a pic of what I think was one of the bucks boots on twitter. Tacs glued to the sole of the boot. brutal
  14. Ahhh, I might cringe watching some of this.
  15. I don't even have to watch it to give it one big, juicy DUD.
  16. Why does PWG seem to need to jump on the bandwagon of ROH Champs? Steen, Cole and now Elgin, kind of like when every company jumped on Ricochet for a few months and then was forgotten. Give the PWG Belt to Ricochet next, Gargano would be a good idea too but could do with some more singles build.
  17. Well, it was only a prediction by Stopspot. Doesn't mean that PWG is bandwagoning on it.

    I could see Ricochet doh.
  18. Not saying it was truth but its pretty clear Elgin will get the belt especially with the last two champs.
  19. Nah.

    I bet you Elgin will not be the next.
  20. Waiting for this to go up on Watch Wrestling, lol.
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