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  1. PWG's eleventh anniversary takes place on July 26th. Here is the card as taken from their twitter page:

    World's Cutest Tag Team take on The Young Bucks in a Guerrilla Warfare match for the PWG World Tag Team Titles!

    Chris Hero faces Kyle O'Reilly for the PWG World Title!

    Adam Cole vs. Roderick Strong vs. Johnny Gargano in a Number One Contender Match!

    Unbreakable F'N Machines vs. Best Friends in a Number One Contenders Match!

    Trevor Lee faces Kevin Steen!

    Cedric Alexander takes on ACH!

    Rocky Romero faces Tommaso Ciampa!

    Last but not least. Frankie Kazarian makes his PWG return to face a returning Brian Kendrick!
  2. Half of the matches sound like fun like Kazarian-Kendrick and the 3 Way; while the other half like Hero-Kyle and ACH-Alexnader not really, it's just boring wrestling to me.

    We shall see. Hoping for a Super Dragon return.
  3. ACH/Cedric and Lee/Steen have me hyped for this show for some reason. The tag team title match should be dope.
  4. Is this Lee guy any good, have yet to see him wrestle
  5. He's a North Carolina regular, works a lot with Cedric Alexander and Andrew Everett and was only brought into PWG two shows earlier to work a triple threat with those two, earning all three permanent roster spots. He's decent enough, a flippy white boy. What I have seen has been decent if a bit bland on the character front.
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  6. So Kaz left TNA?

    And why no Joey Ryan. I really enjoyed his return match at PWG 10, cant wait.
  7. Joey Ryan is apart of World's Cutest Tag Team.
  8. Really? Eh. Ma bad.
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