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Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. Dojo Bros vs NIP made me laugh from the clip, Chuckie T rocking Gargano's hoody will have some hilariously camp intro too.
  2. I'm just happy there were chops to the dick, even if it was to Chuckie.

    Also the tag title match and Iron man match are supposed to be really good. And Steen vs Younger looks way better than it has any right to be. And Steen looks smaller.
  3. Powerbomb on the stage, I don't like you Younger but I respect you.
  4. Just seen the clip for Bucks vs Del Sol and GayR that'll be tight, pun semi intended. Semi not intended.
  5. I'll have to get in the mood for Sami to see this.
  6. The F'N machines beating the shit out of Johnny Yuma seems like a nice watch as well. And Devey vs Kyle is sure to be a technical fans wet dream.
  7. Not keen on the rockness monsters for some reasone. The triangle choke spot looked nice, unnatural as fuck but still noiiiiiiiiiiccccccccccceeeeeee
  8. Really want to see that Dojobros match. That event looked great.
  9. No one seems to like Johnny Yuma. Rockness are supposed to do well in Japan but I dunno.

  10. Yeah I'll say me and Alkaline but on a decent fight.
  11. niggas in Paris representing.
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  12. :yes:Ironman and dojo bros looks great
  13. I want the Nightmare Violence Connection back in PWG so bad. I really hope Super Dragon brings Tozawa back for the next double shot.
  14. Anyone else think a Taylor/Aries feud would be stuff of epic proportions?
  15. Already seen it.
  16. :badass:
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  17. But where the fuck is Mr. Milk chocolate Willie Mack?

    The iron man looks great.

    Really pumped to see DojoBros vs. FIST.
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