PWG PWG returns February 27

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    The card so far is:

    "Speedball" Mike Bailey makes his PWG debut against Biff Busick.

    Drew Gulak vs Chris Hero.

    The Young Bucks vs "The meatiest team on the planet", Brian Cage and Uhaa Nation.

    PWG World Title match: Roderick Strong (c) vs Trevor Lee.

    More to come.
  2. Sounds get except for Hero. Why do people like Hero?
  3. "Because WWE fucked him! CRAVATE!"
  4. This is gonna be awesome!

    Still waiting on this year's Black Cole Sun to get uploaded somewhere, though. Come on, dammit!
  5. It's not out on DVD yet. Calm your tits.
  6. I know it's not out on DVD yet. But when it is available, I know it's gonna be simply grand.
  7. Glad to see Gulak back in PWG, I missed looking at those knees.
  8. Gulak is a beast. Not sure about Hero.

    Trevor Lee vs. Roddy is going to be awesome but other than that the card seems sort of bleak. Can't wait to get my hands on Black Cole Sun though.
  9. Monster Mafia and the Beaver Boys make their PWG debuts on the 27th!
  10. You see? That's why we're better off the ROH drones.
  11. From PWG's Twitter: "Cedric Alexander will take on Tommaso Ciampa on February 27th!"

  12. Oh, this is shaping up to be an awesome show.

    Ricochet/Sydal should be fun, as well as BF/BB and The YB/MM.

    I guess Uhaa's contract with WWE may have gotten in the way of him not showing up for the event. Oh well.
  13. From Out Of Nowhere preview. Cannot wait to watch this show!
  14. FYI, this is up on WW
  15. caught a bit of this only. I think Trevor Lee is amazing. Ricochet should have gotten signed by the WWE when they had the chance, he's better than Pac/Neville. Oh and It's sad as shit how Hero has let himself go.
  16. From Out Of Nowhere results:


    Can't wait to watch this a bit later on!
  17. Thoroughly enjoyed this show, I had a blast watching it!

    - Biff Busick vs Mike Bailey was so good. Some of the moves Bailey did ruled the fn' world!

    - Cedric Alexander vs Tommaso Ciampa was a good match.

    - Best Friends vs Beaver Boys was quite fun to watch, I enjoyed it.

    - ACH vs AR Fox was good.

    - Chris Hero vs Drew Gulak was great. I enjoyed it as much as that match they had at Evolve 38.

    - Ricochet vs Matt Sydal was fuckin' A, man! I love these two, they're amazing!

    - The Young Bucks vs Monster Mafia was so exciting, I was really entertained by this one.

    - Roderick Strong vs Trevor Lee was uber-good.
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