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  1. PWG Tag Team Championships, ladder match:
    Young Bucks(c) vs. DojoBros vs. Inner Citty Machine Guns

    PWG World Heavyweight Championship, Guerrilla Warfare:
    Adam Cole(c) vs. Kevin Steen vs. Drake Younger

    More matches to be added soon!
  2. Young Bucks in a ladder match? FUCK YEAH!
  3. Ricochet will steal the show. Drake and Steen will be nasty too.
  4. Drake and Steen are gonna kill Cole. Cole's a good wrestler but he's in a match with Steen and Drake are made for. One of those two will be the star of the match.

    Also as my wife pointed out, Ricochet will be king of the ladder match.
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  5. :lol1: I always thought seabs wore the pants.
  6. Wrong way bitch, back to the kitchen.
  7. I'm on this dude, ots that time of the month where Alkalibe forgets his spot brother.
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  8. I am king in this castle. How did you get off the chain to the bedroom?
  9. Oh hell no ASHLEY
  10. Do I have to break out the tazer?
  11. I dare you.
  12. Ricochet and Rich Swann will win hopefully.
  13. It'll be awesome to see the ICMG win the ladder match, they'll definitely steal the show.
  14. Some more matches have been made official:

    Londrick vs Niggas in Paris :fap:
  15. I see Elgin and Fox meshing well.
  16. London and Kendrick vs. FIST?? :yay:
  17. So I guess Joey Ryan is going to show up again then.
  18. Probably.
  19. Dude stacked card. Of course most excited for dem Dojobros but god damn O'Reily vs Perkins and London and Kendrick are other matches I'm pumped for.
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