PWG PWG: The April 3rd Show (Don't Sweat the Technique)

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  1. The card as of right now:

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  2. Goddamni it, I gotta binge watch PWG to prepare for Zack/Roddy now. That match owns a serious MOTY potential if done right.
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  3. ACH vs. Ciampa seems like a legit MOTYC for sure. Same with my nig, Everett vs. Ricochet and Cage vs. Busick. Glad that PWG had a knockout card after a lack luster card last time around. I haven't gotten a chance to watch my PWG collection (Black Cole Sun, essentially) But I'm dying to do so when I get the chance. I look forward to doing this.
  4. PWG "Don't Sweat the Technique" was held on Friday night from Reseda, California at the American Legion Hall #308. Down below are the results:


    Dayumn, can't wait to watch this!
  5. Looking forward to it!
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  6. Just watched this today. It was pretty great, as expected.
  7. Got quite a bit of wrestling to catch up on, but this'll be at the top of my list for sure.
  8. Watched this yesterday, not a bad match on there.
  9. Yeah, PWG shows are always fun.
  10. I think the only thing that bothers me is the amount of near falls in every match. But I can get over that when the match quality is always so high.
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  11. This was a great, highly enjoyable show!

    - Cage vs Busick was a good show opener. I'd really like to see Biff in NXT.

    - Trevor Lee vs Mike Bailey was fun-tastic, loved it. I could see these two young lions in NXT in two-three years' time (maybe more).

    - World's Cutest Tag Team vs Beaver Boys was a good, entertaining match.

    - Chris Hero vs Tommy End was an enjoyable slugfest. Awesome stuff.

    - ACH vs Ciampa was so effin' fun all the way through, enjoyed it!

    - Sabin & Sydal vs Monster Mafia was good.

    - Ricochet vs Everett was uber-awesome, I loved every bit of it!

    - Roddy vs Zack Sabre was an amazing ME, loved it!
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