PWI 500 Top Ten

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Sooo Kia, Aug 23, 2012.

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  1. Some of you were asking about this and I saw this sooo:

    PWI 500 Top Ten

    1. CM Punk
    2.Bobby Roode
    3. John Cena
    4. Daniel Bryan
    5. Sheamus
    6. Jun Akiyama
    7. Davey Richards
    8. Kurt Angle
    9. Mark Henry
    10. Alberto Del Rio

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  2. Looks like a good list this year. Don't know who Akiyama is since I ain't in to Japanese wrestling but I have been enjoying most or all of what all of these guys have been putting out this year.
  3. Put number 7 on top of 3, other then that pretty good :obama:
  4. Henry is in this? Sheamus is in this? :eww:
  5. Bobbyyyyyyyyyyyy Rooooooooooode
  6. Bobby Roode is second I think that's well deserved.
  7. He deserved first IMO. He had a more entertaining reign, and while Punk was having WWE title matches in the middle of the PPV card, Roode was main eventing every TNA PPV

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  8. Good list, nice to see Punk at 1 as he should.
  9. best mid carder in the wooooooorld
  10. Have to agree with D'Z Bobby should be number 1 since he did get the main event as world champion and his reign didn't get stale, plus he always got reactions from the crowd.
  11. I know we have a few Henry marks but how the fuck did he get in above Stern, Elgin and countless others? Terrible list IMO.
  12. Personally, I wonder why Austin Aries is not top three
  13. How is he not even in the top 10?
  14. Seems more like appeal to me. Just added Davey and that other guy to make it seem like it's legit, this is why I don't like the idea of a "top wrestler" thing. Just opinions of a group of guys to me.


    Did the same thing with Rolling Stones and top 100 guitarists.
  15. 1 Aries
    2 everyone else.

    Personally, I like the presentation of Impact wrestling much better then what WWE has put out.

    Also, this has nothing to do with WWE not inducting my family into the Hall of Fame.
  16. I say Bobby Roode is most impressive this year, but I would put Aries close to, Top 5 at the least.
  17. Seems like an OK list. Also, it's not that important, it's just PWI.
  18. yes bobby roode over john cena. Cm punk best in the world
  19. What does this list mean :notsure:
  20. Yes Roode! You F'N Boss!
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