News PWI officially drops TNA title from list of world titles

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, Jun 29, 2015.

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    PWI dropped the title from its list of titles about a month ago but it seems like it is only making the rounds right now.
  2. Sucks for TNA. What sucks is even more is talent not being paid on time.
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  3. Backpay isn't uncommon wrestling. I truly believe Vince is the only guy who will pay his talent on time.
  4. ROH doesn't seem to have this issue since being bought by Sinclair. Granted Sinclair could buy the WWE three times over with what they consider pocket money.

    But yeah, on the independents it is most likely not uncommon at all to get money late or not at all. Unless you're insane like Sabu who apparently walks around with a rail spike in his boot in case he needs to strong arm pay from a promoter if the rumors are true.
  5. I wish I'd known this before. Many many people I knew personally would willingly work for free or for food and even less than that to receive work from RoH. I guess not all of that work was in the ring, tho.
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  6. They do have a fine-ass looking world title, though:


    Just a shame the thing has no value or meaning to it.
  7. "Must. Shit. On. TNA." - Stopspot.
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  8. BTW, is ROH recognized yet? If not, I wonder how long it will take.
  9. They're not.
  10. So what is recognized right now? Just WWE? Or maybe NJPW
  11. Yeah, the only active title recognized is the WWE WHC. The IWGP title is not recognized, although if they're going to "promote" some title anytime soon that should be the one (imo).
  12. PWI only recognizes the WWE title. Granted it's an Apter magazine (Apter being an old as fuck wrestling journalist) who is in the WWE club so to speak.

    In the general consensus of what is a world title both ROH, TNA and New Japan are all recognized, as in a belt that is defended internationally and is kept at a high standard.
  13. The NWA-WHC is not considered a world title? Interesting.

    Some people (like those who place their trust in PWI) just take some of this stuff too seriously. It used to be that, if you wanted a world title, you got crowned a world champion by the NWA and then split least in the States. Now, you get to claim a "world title" by having a belt made and calling it a "world title".

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  14. Nah, to have a belt classed as a world title it needs to be defended on multiple continents. ROH's world title wasn't classed as a world title or called one until Samoa Joe defended it in England.

    Or for a more recent example: Scotland's ICW promotion didn't get a world title until Drew Galloway defended the belt in America. Before that it was just the ICW-title.
  15. Don't take this the wrong way:

    If I had the money, I could start my own wrestling promotion and call my top champion the WKWF (WacoKid Wrestling Federation) World Heavyweight Champion. If my fans bought into it, why would it matter what anybody else said or did?

    Also, ROH's "World Champion" (which apparently is not recognized by PWI) is Jay Lethal. TNA's was (spoiler alert) Kurt Angle until last week. The NWA's is Hiroyoshi Tenzan. These guys are world-class pro wrestlers. PWI might not recognize these titles as "world championships", but...

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  16. I agree here. I guess this news are relevant just as another indicator that TNA is on bad times, but the people who really care about what titles PWI recognizes are the same that care about Meltzer/Alvarez star ratings and get mad that they didn't give a certain match 5* (yes, I've seen that).
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  17. In that scenario I'm the World champion of your company, right?
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  18. [​IMG]
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  19. I grew up on Pro Wrestling Illustrated and I still read every issue. When it was difficult to get a lot of wrestling that wasn't NWA and then WCW, WWF or AWA, it was at least nice to read about it. Now, with information so much more readily available, I still enjoy PWI, but it's not as essential to me as it was as a younger adult.

    I still respect PWI, but I think their World Title classification is nearly meaningless. They have always felt it was their own criteria that need to be met, but that always seemed a bit silly to me. I mean, the NWA World Heavyweight Championship is a nearly 70 year old belt that is defended across the country and the world, but it likely doesn't get world title status from PWI likely because it doesn't get the television exposure that WWE or TNA get.

    Personally, I see the WWE WHC, the NWA WHC, the TNA WHC, the ROH and the IWGP as world titles. I really don't see any good argument as to how they can't be. I mean, the four North American belts have national exposure and some international. The NWA, although most of their shows are only available locally or online, still is defended among a larger group of wrestlers than any of the others. ROH gets defended at least in Japan. NJPW is the second biggest promotion in the world...

    Really, the perception of the fans is what really matters. But hell, Brew City Wrestling calls their title a world title (and it's a fan replica of the WWF Eagle belt).

    Looking back at my post, I really didn't make a single point really. However I spent enough time writing it that I am going to post it anyway.
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