News PWI top 500 2013 list revealed

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Aug 21, 2013.

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  1. And here is the top ten (from Wrestling Observer) :

    1. John Cena
    2. C.M. Punk
    3. Hiroshi Tanahashi
    4. Bully Ray
    5. Kazuchika Okada
    6. Sheamus
    7. Jeff Hardy
    8. Alberto Del Rio
    9. Dolph Ziggler
    10. Kevin Steen

    The full list will be revealed in Pro Wrestling illustrated magazine. 5 WWE guys in the top ten. 2 TNA, 2 New Japan and 1 indy. Surprised Bryan isn't in the top ten considering his year but the PWI 500 is based on kayfabe accomplishments I believe.

    Note: The list is based on things the wrestlers do from August to August the following year. Which can explain some of the ranks. Example Hardy was heavily used a lot back then in TNA despite having a reduced presence right now.
  2. I see PWI the same as the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame.

    I would like to take a nice steaming hot shit on both of them then set them on fire.
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  3. Odd to see how "kayfabe" this list is... and then Dolph Ziggler pops up.
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  4. Jeff up there? This year he has done nothing interesting tbh.
  5. World title wins must mean a lot to someone.
  6. Even going by kayfabe accomplishments (I thought PWI stopped ranking people that way a long time ago but I guess not), Daniel Bryan should be on the list and certainly higher than Sheamus. Going from last August to this one, he defeated Kane cleanly at Summerslam, held the tag team titles with Kane for over half a year, defeated Sheamus and Randy Orton (former WWE Champions and World Heavyweight Champions) and was the main one who lead the way to helped defeat The Shield in their first pin fall loss as a team. Surely this earns him a spot somewhere in the top ten?
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    Very true. But he's had so many losses and silly filler matches (in kayfabe, they really haven't hurt him that much) that despite the title win, he doesn't seem like a top-10 guy.
    (Bryan's 11)

    Isn't it more than just strictly kayfabe accomplishments, though?
  8. Mah brotha Bully Ray ranked #4. :obama:
  9. Hardy ranked #7 [​IMG]
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  10. Seriously. Shows that Ziggler is truly making lemonade out of pure dog shit.

  11. Seriously. Shows that Ziggler is truly making lemonade out of pure dog shit.
    He is talking to wrestlers. This stuff is for fans.
  12. I remember my friends and I reading all those wrestling magazines when I was a kid. WWF magazine and also the un-official ones. Good times.

    I don't think anyone takes this PWI list serious.
  13. 2013 is not even over yet, so how do you make a legitmate list?

    August-to-August? That's retarded.
  14. These internet lists shouldn't represent anything to any normal person out there.
  15. Why are you such a tool about it though? Nobody is losing sleep over the rankings, they are simply interesting to read over and discuss.
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  16. This list is based solely on kayfabe accomplishments rather than overall match/promo quality, right?
  17. Clearly not or Ziggler wouldn't be so high. I think kayfabe might be the biggest factor, but not the only one.
  18. Based on Wade Barrett being 21st the main factor is whatever name is pulled out of the ass of whatever person wrote this.
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