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  1. I've recently become a real fan of the British comedy panel show "QI", hosted by Stephen Fry.

    I actually had the thought that we should have an American version of "QI". It would be highly entertaining. This though thrilled me.

    Then I realized that there's probably no American celebrity as intelligent and funny as Stephen Fry. This depressed me.


  2. Love Qi.

    The format is pretty easily adaptable if you find the right kind of people. We got a Swedish version last year that people thought was going to tank when they announced it, but they found the right kind of people for it and loe and behold it did well.

    But yeah, I have a hard time seeing some American celebrities/comedians that fit the bill, at least right now.
  3. There's also the erudition factor when it comes to Fry. Mayim Bialik is very intelligent, but I don't think she has the capability to show anything like the panache of Fry.

    With our luck, they'd make it and Drew Carey would be the host.

  4. GOAT show.

    Alan Davies poor bloke.
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  5. I have been a fan of the show since it first started, great way of learning new things in a relaxed fun way.
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  6. >British comedy
  7. Better than half of the white trash on American television.
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  8. That's not really saying much
  9. At least it's better, you're not providing reasons as to why British comedy is bad
  10. debate me bro
  11. You haven't provided reasoningsreasonings
  12. k
  13. I can't debate ya without reasonings
  14. QI is quality, most British shows similar to that are fantastic. Mock the week, 8 out of 10 Cats, I enjoy them all.
  15. I started at the beginning (s01e01) and am up to the 4th series. I love it.

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