Quarter Hours For Last Two Live IMPACTs (and holy shiz, believe me)

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Sep 4, 2012.

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  1. :yes::yes::yes:

  2. #RollacoasterRatings
  3. Good stuff, getting better every week.
  4. LOL no it's not.

    TNA is the face of #RollarcoasterRatings

    One week it's dangerously low, the next it's breaking their record, then back to low etc.
  5. Sorry meant the show, hoping the way things are going leads to more consistent 1.36 and 1.4's
  6. Proving yet again that bullcrap = ratings. We all hated Claire Lynch, but guess it was a trainwreck the casuals couldn't stop watching (Thanks, Dolph's!)
  7. To be fair, we all hated the DB wedding segment with AJ and that drew like fuck too. What is it with these soap-opera flop storylines that kids mark their tits off for?
  8. Middle aged moms (most likely single or trashy) watching with their kids i assume.
  9. I've only seen 4/5 episodes of TNA so can't really comment if it's getting better, but what are they up against in terms of ratings?
  10. WTF nobody commented on Aces n 8's 1.4 rating, all commenting Claire fuckin Lynch. :@@
  11. That's it, it's hard to say what that was about. Yeah the Aces and Eights storyline is a ratings draw, but it was advertised for the 8:00 hour the week before. Would expect the huge rating then...

    Other than the main-event timeslot, why did viewers tune in for this to get the viewership it did?
  12. Good build, all in it. Ratings will come just with it.
  13. Impact needs to continue airing quality television. The viewers will tune in.


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  14. I have to almost disagree. TNA needs to keep doing what it's doing and not worry about WWE ratings. They need a youtube channel like WWE has an that will fill the views they want/need. Hardy/Joe, Roode/AA, come on. Those are mil views easily, TNA should cash in on it.
  15. They deserve better ratings tbh.
  16. WTF they already have the youtube channel.:dawg:
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