Question About A House Show?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by kayci, Aug 25, 2014.

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  1. Hey, I am new here & thought this would be the right place to come to ask some questions.
    I attended Battleground & the SmackDown following & as you all know you get first dibs on tickets.
    Well, I bought tickets for a WWE Live event coming in February. They are VIP tickets. They aren't ringside, but they do say VIP & the 4th row. Ticketmaster said they would email me with what the VIP includes within a week of the event.
    Have any of you had VIP to a house show? What does it include?
    Is the VIP Experience Ringside tickets the only ones who get meet & greets?
    I would just like to know what my VIP tix include.

    Thank You In Advance!
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  2. WWE actually has a page relating to their VIP tickets, found here >
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  3. Been to a couple smaller house shows (cause I live in the middle of nowhere). Never had VIP tickets though. I bet you get to meet and greet with supestars and stuff. Have fun @kayci !
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  4. I am assuming I have the enhanced vip tickets. I paid close to 400 for three tickets in the 4th row.
    I believe the ringside tickets only get the meet and greets! boooooooo! I think they were 600 a piece.
    Ticketmaster wasn't very descriptive when I purchased them, but what I paid was the highest price available, so I have absolutely no clue.
  5. $400 for tickets and you don't get any meet and greets? :dafuq:
  6. That's what I'm saying. It was 400 for all three.
    Like I said, they are supposed to email you a week before the event, but damn, that's not until February! Lol
    I was hoping maybe someone on here could tell me. I have never been to a house show before.
  7. Are you mad?! $400 for 3 tickets to a house show? Fuck that, VIP or not! You're ringside (4th row) but it appears you don't have the meet and greet. To be honest, if you only wanted to meet them just get there super early before the show or hang around the back after when they come out. Chances are you'll be able to get whatever you wanted signed or a picture with them, they're usually more relaxed on house shows than TV shows.

    What does it say on the email from Ticketmaster?
  8. E-mail comes a week before the show. Read bro
  9. The confirmation email, Shirlock :dawg:
  10. Well I've never heard anyone on here talk about having VIP tickets before, but we have a house show thread for sharing photos and the like.
  11. *Sherlock

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  12. Lol, oh my gosh! Simmer down ya'll! Lol
    It just said my total, my seats & VIP.
    My tickets also say VIP.
    As for the rest, I won't know till February.
    I guess time will tell.
    I was hoping since I paid the highest amount that was possible, I was hoping a meet & greet was included. I didn't get my hopes up though, lol.
  13. I don't know about wwe house shows but you can come to my house show :ksi:
  14. I have been to a house show but I didnt buy the VIP tickets, they were selling them for £400 per ticket( not sure how that works out in dollars) They were advertising a meet and greet with some wrestlers but of course I dont think the people who bought the tickets could choose who they could meet.
    During the show, Justin Roberts did announce the people in the front rows who had got the VIP experience, sadly those poor familes got booed and heckled. Guess people were jealous, who knows?? I was happy with my seats
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  15. Hmmm. Interesting. Thank You!
  16. No problem, happy to help :emoji_slight_smile:
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  17. So I did some looking around and from what I can gather the superstar package (with the meet and greet) is $600 each. The enhanced VIP is $250 each. You said you got 3 for $600? So I have no clue which you have. I can only presume you got a discount on the $250/each tickets down to $200 each for buying multiple (like they do discounts when you buy multiple WrestleMania travel packages)
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  18. Aww, thank you for looking around.
    I have no idea either. I have been a fan for a long time, but have recently started going to events. Once I went, I was hooked and don't plan on missing any when they come to town! Lol
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  19. No problem, you could always just call either Ticketmaster or the arena and I'm sure they'd be able to tell you.
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