Question about Alicia Fox?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by CM Punk, May 30, 2014.

  1. I haven't really been following RAW for a while, but what has she done to earn a shot at the title? Isn't she on a losing streak? Bigger question is, didn't she quit after her first meltdown?
  2. Quitting rumors were false report. She had a match with Paige where she questioned Paige being the champ due to her inexperience, that's how feud started. Real reason for push apparently is caused Triple H was impressed with her work recently (Most notably vs Bliss on NXT recently), and yeah. That's pretty much it, and she has a meltdown character with it too that works great.
  3. She beat Paige on RAW
  4. That was after the feud even started though.
  5. HHH is high on her, @CM Punk, hence the push
  6. She was on a losing streak after losing a few matches and then losing I believe it was two vs Paige and then in Paige's hometown Alicia got the win on RAW.

    I think Alicia is a solid first opponent for her, would've preferred an AJ Lee feud but that's bound to come.
  7. Thought you were going to ask about her belly button
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  8. I haven't watched raw much lately, but skimmed through this past week and saw her yelling in the camera and beating up grown men. Lol'd so hard
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  9. It just feels like they slapped the crazy diva persona onto Alicia to fill in for the absence of AJ... I think every feud Paige gets into will be meaningless until AJ returns.
  10. Alicia, AJ... Crazy contest Go!
  11. she has monster hoo hoos
  12. [​IMG]
    they look to be rounded pretty well too.
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  13. It's crazy WWE finds her attire to hide those monster melons. Shame on them, really.
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  14. You ask a very good question OP and Alicia has not really done much to earn a title shot she wasent being used much on Raw for months and now all of sudden she gets this push WWE are obviously using different divas til AJ gets back to start the Paige/AJ feud
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  15. Hey, dumbass, what did Paige do to "earn" a title shot?
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  16. :mog:
  17. Yo idiot go look in my Paige >>> Alicia thread I have just posted a video clip showing the reason why Paige deserves this debut/push and title
  18. That bullshit has nothing to do with earning a WWE title shot fuck face.
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  19. Here's an article that talks about how she's the most underrated Diva and how during 2013 she saw the most in-ring improvement.. Unfrotunately due to storylines and minimal air time for divas wrestling they haven't had much to put her into..

    Article Here
  20. Yeah, she pinned Paige. I have to say that it was worth it, some of the mad Alicia moments were priceless
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