Question about likes on posts.

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  1. So whenever I see a new like added to my totals, I get all excited :dawg: and click my profile and find all my recent posts to see what post was liked. When you go see, on one of the columns it says Likes and there is zero but when I look at the post on the thread there is a like. Is there like a glitch with it or is it referring to the whole thread or something?
  2. Anon told me about this before, I think it was a board update over wrote his code or some shit. Note he was possibly making something up to make me look like an idiot.
  3. Oh okay :laugh: does anyone know how to fix it or is it our of our hands unless Anon returns from his hiatus?
  4. It's type to send up the Anon signal, blame Crayo and Xanth for scaring him off with their sexual advances.
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  5. Ah Crayo and Xanth's forbidden homo passion.
  6. Basically what Seabs said. When we upgraded to 1.6.8 his code was removed. I still speak to him so I'll enquire about paying him to seriously update the like plugin. Though he's not really reliable in terms of WHEN it'll be done as he does PHP as a hobby, not a job -- he hates thinking of it as work.

    If he doesn't want to do it, as I said in another post, I'll speak to a developer on
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