Royal Rumble Question about the Mania Battle Royal/Royal Rumble whatever the fuck its called

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Mar 24, 2014.

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  1. Is it structured just like the Royal Rumble? Or is it more a battle royal where everyone starts in the ring at once? Both sound lame.

    -If its like the RR, how is that not gay? We just had the royal rumble, but now we get this pointless one?
    -If it is all 30 starting in the ring at once??? Huh??? ain't nobody wanna see that shit.

    so which is it?
  2. it's a standard 30 man battle royal
  3. So all 30 start in the ring at once? That will be exciting
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  4. Yeah, they won't even get their own entrances so I don't see how we could have surprise people returning. Will be 30 jobbers, no legends, by the looks of it. 3MB in it ffs
  5. So typical of WWE. Decent idea, terrible execution.
  6. This sounds like the Miss Wrestlemania clusterfuck except with dudes.

    Hey Brad, do you have a source for it being regular Battle Royal style? They have 4 hours to play with at WM this year, and with SO many people in this match they won't have more than 7 other matches on the card (ME, Taker, Hunter, Wyatt, Shield, Divas, Tag) Doing this Rumble style would be a great way to kill an hour since the rest of the card looks like a standard 3 hour show,,, then again there's gonna be numerous long matches, probably a concert, 872 network plugs, etc. so you might be right. #SnowMeltzer
  7. Nope, just presumed from its name: 'Andre the Giant memorial battle royal.' Don't see how they could build a Rumble style match, just a couple of months after RR PPV but it would be funner.
  8. Thanks, man. Don't really see why they couldn't do it that way, it wouldn't detract from the Rumble at all since it's just for a lil' chocolate trophy lol. Having this be "the only WM with a Royal Rumble in it" could really cement this is one of the most memorable Wrestlemania of all time, though. (Not that WWE cares, but still)
  9. haha this guy's great. this merge was a great idea.

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  10. I worry Dolph's is to optimistic regarding WWE Creative, I knew from the start they would butcher this concept.
  11. Well, what else would you want?
  12. It's just 30 men in the ring and then at the end big show wins. It's as good way of getting as many wrestlers onto the show at one time. It won't steal the show but it won't be bad either.
  13. Considering how they've been hyping Big Show to win, I imagine there to be some sort of upset. I'm imagining Rusev winning.
  14. lol They're clearly not going to spend an entire HOUR on a match that's obviously designed just to get as many people on the card as possible (especially since they're considering putting it on the pre-show, and since they're also considering making it an annual thing every year after this one.) This match is in remembrance of Andre The Giant, known as the King Of The Battle Royal, in matches that always started with every participant in the ring at the same time, so the safe assumption is that this one will be a standard battle royal as well.

    Putting a Royal Rumble-style match at a Wrestlemania wouldn't be a good idea unless they cut down on the number of participants from thirty to about fifteen tops. (I'd imagine they don't have thirty men left over on any given Wrestlemania to sustain interest in an hour-long Rumble-style battle royal.) They had a "Smackdown Royal Rumble" back in 2004 like that (and that was at least for a shot at the WWE Title, not a trophy.)
  15. Didn't you get your old account back?
  16. I like posting with the new one for some reason. Everything is wiped clean and stuff.
  17. I just don't see how anyone thinks this is worth a damn.

    I picture Mania opening and they are just like "well, 30 assholes are in the ring! We can't tell what's going on, and they literally can't even move about in the ring, but they are getting their Mania pay checks so just go get some snacks, take a dump and by the time you get back this bullshit will be over!"
  18. Until Ultimate Warrior enters, I don't care.
  19. Kevin Nash would be sweet as well. At least adding some old timers would be SOMETHING. As it stands now it is literally just a jobber rumble.
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  20. Exactly, as of now it doesn't interest me but there is room for improvement. There should be plenty of room for the older guys.
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