Question about Yestarday Steel Cage Match.

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  1. Yestarday when the steel cage over Rusev came and start attacking roman reigns that he locked the cage and attacked him.
    then Seth rollins came and attack rusev,Kevin ownes
    my question is like that: seth rollins helps roman reigns? or just want to attack kevin owns?

    Thx for Answers and Good Day :emoji_grin::emoji_wink:
  2. Pretty sure he was more interested in kicking KO's ass than helping Reigns.
  3. ye im sure about it but i wasnt sure why he helps reigns i was so shocked and i start to hit myself i didnt belive that they back together xd
  4. Rumors were going around that the shield are due for a reunion. Well now they're both babyface and have common enemies in Triple H and Kevin Owens. I think its safe to say we're going to get some type of one off shield reunion segment or match.
  5. Next joint PPV, Ambrose comes down and they triple powerbomb somebody. Calling it.
  6. im sure that is it going to be ;D
  7. I doubt it.
  8. The next joint PPV is Survivor Series and that's in November.

    I doubt the Shield reunion is going to happen, but hey, man, if you end up being right, more power to you.
  9. He never going to change :canada::canada:
  10. Aye. Gotta love Seth Rollins. :rollins3:
  11. Yea It's going to be a shield reunion for a little while due to all of them being face.....Should be cool to see the Shield again
  12. yep i think too :emoji_grin::emoji_wink:
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  13. The problem with this is that the time and place that Rollins chose to attack KO just didn't make sense. It did not play as if he were just trying to attack Owens. It played as if he was trying to help Roman. I mean, scaling a cage to take on both Jericho and Owens isn't exactly the smartest strategy.

    If Rollins only cared about hurting Owens, he could have interfered in the actual match. There was plenty that he could have done. However, he waited until it was a two on one beat down of Roman Reigns before he did a thing.

    When it happened, I immediately commented that it made no sense. Sure, they are probably moving towards a Shield reunion at some point. But at that exact moment, and verified by that tweet, Rollins interfering was just awkward and seemed more like it was about helping Roman than hurting KO. I am sure their intention was hurting KO, but the very fact that we are discussing whether or not this was the case reveals that they didn't do it well.
  14. You have to remember, Rollins got a lot of flack from Foley for interference. So, it makes sense.

    I thought the same thing as everyone else, is this a stepping stone for a storyline involving Shield's return?
  15. I disagree. Rollins is not less likely to interfere in a match just because Foley gave him flack for it. In fact, I would say he was more likely to interfere for that very reason.

    But even if that was the reason, Rollins could have then gotten involved immediately after the end of the match. He didn't. He waited all the way until both KO and Jericho got Reigns back into the ring and were attacking him. If he simply wanted to attack KO and did not want to interfere in the match, the moment both Reigns and KO hit the floor, he would have come in and done his attack. He didn't do this. He waited. So it doesn't appear that he was trying just not to interfere, it appears clearly that he was trying to save Reigns.
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  16. Sounds like... the perfect time... for a...

    :yay: :yay: ROMAN HEEL TURN!!!!!! :yay: :yay:

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  17. I think that rollins just came out to attack Kevin Owens but by doing that saved Roman reigns and since the WWE consider Roman reigns as a face then Rollins basically turned from tweener to face when he "saved" Roman reigns
  18. wow thx now i kinda understand that TY
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