Question For John Cena Fans

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Bort, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. A serious thread.

    Anyway, the question - why do you like JOHN CENAH? I'm talking about John Cena the character, the pro wrestler, not John Cena the person. And please don't try to sell me that "But he's busting his ass off for the company, he's making kids happy, he's a nice guy, etc." crap. I'm talking about your weekly dose of what you see on your fucking TV. What in the world attracts you on John Cena?

    I mean, he just screams FAKE, he's an upper mid-class white rapper who thinks he knows shit about hard knock life and ghettos. His music sucks, his promos suck, he's a boring mic worker and talker, he's not all that great wrestler either, he's tailor made for fucking KIDS and BABIES, not for grown men.


    I mean, Jesus Christ, look at him. His presence is simply cringeworthy. Again, he screams FAKE. It's really sad to see all those grown men wearing his merch, it's embarassing. If you're a Cena fan, what does it tell about you? Maybe you're insecure so you're rooting for a top dog no matter what, maybe you're afraid to root for "jobbers" and "hacks", or you're a blind sheep easy to fool, or whatever...

    I'm not exactly a John Cena hater, I just can't see what the fucking deal is. John Cena the character is a TOTAL MORON.
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  2. Can put on great matches, can execute great promos and has the star quality that's needed to make other superstars. I hate him most of the time, but I loved the guy during his feud with Rock and Brock. He is incredibly talented but is wasted because of this stupid gimmick he's given.
  3. I'm a fan of him because of his good mic skills & acting. IDK exactly why I squeal @ his promos then go "meh" when his match's started.
  4. Even as an adult male, a newer fan or a viewer who only watches once in a while has an excuse. His "fighting back against impossible odds" gimmick is pretty cool the first few times you see it, and those are the people WWE cater to as you well know.

    He's still very good on the mic and can put on solid matches, even though it doesn't seem like it in his current role.
  5. John Cena is not bad when it comes to charisma and putting on a good show. I personally don't care for what he represents or brings to wrestling, but I don't hate the guy. Honestly, there are worse guys out there (The Miz for one.) who are a waste of Television exposure...
  6. Cena has incredible Charisma and can work pretty good in the ring to put someone over.
  7. Eh does seem boring to me. Don't care much about his character, he is charismatic, but that's about it. His mic skills are boring and to predictable for me, as to his matches and everytime he comes to the ring. His gangsta character gimmick didn't bother me, I don't think he was claiming to be from the hood, I think he just liked the lifestyle. He never said he had a hard time in the hood or shit like that, he just rapped and talked like it. Rapping and stuff like that isn't reserved just for lower class people, if that's what he likes then let him do it, I don't care really.
  8. His character has gotten annoying because of the longevity of it without any real turn. The whole feud with The Rock was refreshing, because it was new. Coming out with a new t-shirt isn't a gimmick, and Cena's gimmick seems to just be that.

    As far as his attitude, he's a top notch entertainer. And I'll never understand people who bash his wrestling, because The Rock kind of sucked in the ring, and it was his mic skills and charisma that got him so over. Besides, Cena doesn't oversell as badly as The Rock did.
  9. John is a very intense in-ring performer who has a very good sense of how to work a match. This particularly shows when he works with a guy whose skill set runs counter to his own. He put on a 5-star match with CM Punk and has even made guys with limited ability look good in the ring. His feuds with Punk and the Rock were amazing, as were the matches themselves. His feud with Brock was above average and the match was terrific, but the ending didn't make sense from all sorts of standpoints.

    The problem with the John Cena character is actually none of the stuff you mentioned in the OP. It's the fact that he always wins in the end. We're not even given a "Zod Takes Over the World" or an "Empire Strikes Back" moment to show us that he's mortal. The only guy who's gone over him and he hasn't immediately turned around and beaten before you can take a breath was CM Punk (and WWE even screwed that up with the "New WWE Championship belt" by having Cena beat Rey the same night Rey won it). That's not John Cena's fault. That's WWE's fault. WWE tends to forget that it's not the heroes that drive interesting stories but the villains. And Superman's gotta have kryptonite because no adult watching/reading a story cares about a guy who has no weaknesses and never loses.

    As far as strikes against the guy, I've only really got one. He yells too much as a way of showing emotion. I understand that raising your voice is the way that some people show emotion, but most adults can show emotion a variety of ways, particularly the emotion of anger. Every time he gets mad, he starts yelling into the microphone and doesn't stop until he's not mad anymore. A good number of people I know (myself included) actually get quieter in their speech when they're angry. The only reason I can think of for it is that children (and, to a large extent, younger teens) typically yell when they're angry and Cena's character is geared toward that demographic, so to let his fans know he's really, seriously mad, he's got to yell. That's what I tell myself anyway.

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  10. And, the site's best poster just made his best post. +1
  11. If you mean have I dreamt of waking beside him in the morning, the answer is :yes::yes::yes:
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  12. :yay:
  13. Women, always have to bring the filth in to it. Anyway I don't like Cena as much as respect him, he's improved leaps and bounds in the ring since 06, has always been strong on the mic and has that star power you can't teach. He's molded himself into the ultimate company man, and I can't hate that.
  14. The main problem is his stale character and booking as WK said. I think he's charismatic, can talk, can work a match and has star presence, but he's booked horribly. He's marketed towards children and that's because he is the way he is. He's got the colorful merch. His attitudes sometimes remind those of a child. He gets beat up but in the end always prevails over every damn person. It's horrible and I'm pissed every time I hear his theme song because he wins almost every big match, look at his match vs Lesnar at ER. An awesome match like that shouldn't leave a bad taste in your mouh at all but it did because of the stupid, useless finish. His promo material normally consists of corny jokes and etc. which only makes it worse as well.
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