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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by DK James, Jan 21, 2016.

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  1. The fuck happened to James Storm? I honestly did not know what section to put this is so my bad, feel free to move it.

    But I have not watched a second of wrestling since August, but I still kinda keep up with what's goin on through Twitter. I remember seein a picture/video of James Storm at NXT and I was like "WHOAAAA WHAT THATS CRAZY!"

    Without seeing his face again or hearing anything about him, I go on his twitter and see him promoting TNA again. Soooo what the fuck happened? Was he just in WWE for a month and then they said fuck off?

    Side-note: Also since I stopped watchin it seems like a smarks wet dream with what's goin on in WWE right now. Samoa Joe, Johnny Gargano, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, AJ STYLES?! Sounds insane, bet wrestling fans are still bitchin about somethin though, right? Probably. Anyway thanks for reading, I love y'all, and someone please tell me wtf happened to James Storm I'm generally curious.
  2. Storm appeared briefly in the WWE in 2015 and now he's back in TNA. Earlier this year, Storm declined a contract offer from WWE due to a lack of pay compared to his offer from TNA, apparently.

    Yeah, man. AJ Styles is coming (probably as early as next week). Some other NJPW stars like Karl Anderson, Doc/Luke Gallows and Nakamura are rumored to be joining, too!
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  3. Pretty dumb move by Storm imo haha. But hell yea, that's dope. Almost makes me wanna watch again. Appreciate the response homie
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  4. TNA offered more and guaranteed money to Storm. So even if TNA were to go under, he'd still get the money. In my honest opinion, James Storm isn't worth the money. :dealwithit:
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  5. The dude wanted more money to put on his family's table, so that's why he rolled with TNA.

    It wouldn't surprise me to see him back in WWE at some point, though.

    If you wanna watch again, now's the time. Royal Rumble is this Sunday and the RTWM is well on its way.

    No problem, homie. Anytime.
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  6. Glad he went back to TNA, that would've been a weak signing on WWE's part. There's plenty of better fish in the extremely small pond of TNA.
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  7. With everyone WWE has signed this past year.. It doesn't mean a damn thing, creative still sucks... WWE has a stacked roster, they should lay off signing all these guys and hire a new creative team.
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  8. Can always count on y'all to help me out when I need some answers. Good stuff, much appreciated
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