Question involving Live Discussions?

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Kassius HoHo, May 14, 2013.

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  1. Do you guys have certain guys to the shows for Impact, Raw and Smackdown as well as PPVs, or first come first serve? I was the resident LD guy on on the MP..and don't wanna step on any toes wanting to set up the LD for Impact this week just wondeirng?
  2. Monday Night Raw LD usually are created by Hoss, Impact LD are usually created by Testify :testify: and SmackDown LD don't really know who makes them... But I think if you want you can create them, users will post "I was about to do it" or something like that
  3. Impact is whoever creates them first.
    Can't do WWE's though.
  4. Alright thanks for telling me, Impact thread coming hope Testify doesn't flip out.
  5. Nah, as long as it looks good.
  6. If it's okay for WWE ones if Hoss says you can. It's normally his thing but he may be okay with passing the torch :emoji_slight_smile:. You can create TNA ones and any PPV ones if you want.
  7. I used to love ninja'ing Hoss on PPV threads. Might make the Payback discussion thread soon
  8. You should do it and make it 10 times better than Hoss. Then we can argue about it
  9. What I loved to do in the MP, is give other members the opportunities to make the LD, so they are apart of the site and treated like Gods during LD's.If giving the opportunity would love do it for members here in the WWEF.
  10. We used to do that. But people made crappy one's so we stuck with Hoss making them.
  11. Ah, should be a simple process but hey some people don't tell it seriously lol.
  12. I would love to do one, Back on MP, I did the Post-WM Raw after XXIX and it was one of the best so I want to do one.
  13. Dibs on Wrestlemania 30.
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  14. Damn you Seabs :why:

    Yeah we aren't official on these things. I've stolen the last 6 PPVs :badass:
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