Question: Isn't it time to make negative awards?

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Zamorakian, Apr 7, 2012.

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  1. I mean why don't you consider making these negative awards? Yes some of them will make it so people flame/troll and do whatever it states in order to reach it but that doesn't make them earn it right? It's the same thing on HF with all of these "Grammar Nazi's" but still alot of them does not get the award.

    A "Santinohead" award would be great where the description would be as "You fail to speak/write the language whatsoever therefore you are granted this award"

    This is not a suggestion but more like a question on why they don't get to be implemented.
  2. I don't think Crayo wants the negativity these awards bring tbh, the Grammar Nazi is solely for your own grammar as an example. Correcting others won't get you the award.
  3. Well I do know that this only happens on HF and that it is wrong, I never meant to confuse you father. I don't want people correcting others for the award and the way I see it this award is one of the greatest as it has not been handed to anyone yet which makes it so much rare and difficult to get.
  4. Why would I insult people by giving them negative awards? Also, why would I give users an incentive to be LQ here?
  5. Well you just gave people permission to correct Randy Savage all the time even though I already know they won't get the award that way but either way it has still provoked the option of doing so on ever grammatical error you find on someones post still the award got through and the suggestion was accepted which I'm happy for but it still proves that this "reason" of yours is completely invalid, no matter what you do, no matter what award you create, in one way or the other someone will still do the opposite even though it is clearly stated that you cannot receive this award by correcting others.

    Seriously the "Friendly" award is kind of insulting to me as I'm not friendly and will not ever be so because simply I wasn't born that way so because of that I have no chance in hell in receiveing that award which insults me in a way and gives me a reason to say that this award is in some way "for me" negative because I happen to not have a chance at all to receive it.

    You don't insult them, you give them an award to honor their presence, I mean how do you insult someone with an award? It doesn't work, every community has these awards and I do not see anything wrong with them but if it is so that you certainly don't want to take this into consideration then thank you for your time, I'm done with this thread and will not ever consider posting it anymore.
  6. I didn't give anyone permission for that - I added an award to honour good grammar. It's not a rule to have good grammar but it's good etiquette to have it, something I encourage. Good grammar = quality discussions. It's a sensible award, something you should try and apply for because it might encourage you to use breaks in sentences, I was out of breath reading that opener :levi:.

    Also, the friendly award is insulting to you because you weren't born friendly? Give me a break. I would go all psychology on your ass and say you can be who you want to be, but I'm assuming this "I wasn't born this way" attitude is simply "I choose to be rude on forums because I'm badass" so I won't waste yours or my time. But how you can view an award honouring those who are friendly to others and welcome new members negative simply baffles me to say the least.

    These awards are there for a reason. Every single user can see this award on your postbit, and will look at the reason you were given it. If they see I've given someone an award saying they fail at typing properly - that would encourage users to flame him/her based on that award, as it would make that user look less important. Similarly if I was to add a "dunce" award, or "flamer" award, it would naturally encourage users to treat him/her differently. This forum doesn't accept flaming, trolling and general mean posts and it won't.
  7. Astounding considering the fact that I couldn't breathe myself typing it. Seems like I'll never qualify for the Grammar Nazi award.

    You're right about the negative awards. I see no reason to continue this argument, thank you.
  8. Thank you. :emoji_slight_smile:
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