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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM Punk, Mar 23, 2012.

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  1. The returning "Question of the Day/Week" is back with your host, CM PUNK!

    Not that generally active here, but whatever.
    I'm here right now! Ain't I Bitch?

    Here's the question, might be a little to early to presume.

    What is the next big storyline of the Spring /Summer?

    Each year WWE has done something for a while.
    Can't name all, but they have done a few.

    2007 - Vince McMahon Limo Death
    2008 - Vince Selling RAW/Getting injured (Storyline)
    2009 - DX Reforming? CM Punk Heel? (Can't remember)
    2010 - Nexus
    2011 - CM Punk's Shoot

  3. Jericho will go into a storyline to defend his world title vs...........

    Cena.... Yawn

    Big daddy V's big wrestlemania return will pop and his hiring will thrust him into a tag team with the Funkasaurus... They will win an defend the tag belts against..........................truth and Kofi maybe...

    Great khali will continue to suck.... As will Cole.

    Mark Henry will go back to Midgard status.

    Pushes for Santino, Ryder, ziggler, and prolly the returning A Train.

    jack swagger will be future endevored

    Big Johnnie will be douchebaggish after his win, and he will try to bury santino and Ryder, hench there push.

    That's all for now... Swami has spoken!
  4. Wade Barrett will have a story-line revolved around him. Not sure what though, it's hard to predict the unpredictable, but I'm sure Barrett is going to be the big star of the summer.
  5. I love wade and he is english<3
  6. Barrett and Rhodes both main eventing for me.

    Shemus will continue to get pushed.

    Santino will have a decent reign as US champ.

    Punk and Bryan continuing to be up there or there abouts all summer.
  7. The Rock vs Cena Main Event- The Rock hits the Rock Bottom! People's Elbow! It's over, Cena's finished. 1, 2... What the? Mark Henry pulls Rock off of Cena. He's beating the shit out of the Rock! There's John Laurinaitis. Here comes Christian and Del Rio! Ziggler and Swagger! Baw gawd they've beaten the Rock into a bloody mess. Cena's got a sinister grin on his face, his shaking hands with Laurinaitis??? What the hell is this? Say it isn't so John, say it isn't so

    Johnny Ace's stable spearheaded by Cena runs wild on the WWE until Superface Brock comes back to save the company in the main event against Cena at WM 29
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  8. WOW this I like a lot!:foley:
  9. I wish.
  10. Yeah totally in our dreams!
  11. :upset:
  12. Pretty Close now? :otunga:
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