Question of the Day - Superstar that let you down

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM Punk, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. I don't do this often anymore, but now it'll be done every week.

    Question: Which Superstar has let you down?

    Ex: John Cena 2002 - 2005 (Everyone was behind him)(Chain Gang)
    Current gimmick - Previous fans despise him.

    Ex2: Jeff Hardy - Extreme Enigma
    Current - Drug abuse and TNA Victory Road 2011
  2. Triple H (2000, he was a badass heel)
    Now, he sucks. His brutality has completely disapeared.
  3. William Regal - Any year he was relevant
    Now hes not used.
  4. Oh, I also wanted to say Dave Batista.

    He used to be an animal, and a great heel.
    Now he's out of WWE and doing horrible in MMA.
  5. Owen Hart
    Couldn't even do a decent intro
  6. :hehe::hehe:

    So cold.
  7. Ouch?
    (Anonymous booed off stage)
  8. Sting as we never saw Sting vs Taker!

    Also Tazz never the same after his injury not his fault but devastating as i worshipped him!

    Al Snow in his WWE run was a letdown as were Raven an Rhyno all could've been more!
  9. Al Snow actually wasn't hat bad was he @[Cloud]? A-Train was a letdown too.
  10. I'll say Raven, Tazz and Muhammed Hassan. All three had great potential that was never reached.
  11. Definitely agree with Sting.

    Going to add Lesnar to this list :emoji_heart:.

    Really like this thread @[CM Punk]
  12. no but he had wwe title potential but never made it @[RKO] which when u see this entrance is sad as its huge!


    thats a pop
  13. That's pretty awesome... and a little creepy with that head.
  14. LOL i jus love the crowd so into it!
  15. I'd kill for more crowds to be included in entrances now. "You Suck" with Kurt Angle for example.
  16. remember when he kept restartin his entrance till the crowd stopped?
  17. :laugh: yes!
  18. Another person I've just thought of ,Shelton Benjamin. Such a great talent in ring.
  19. And Charlie Haas!

    Want them back as a tag team as huge on the indy's!
  20. I guess Sheamus let me down. Liked him at first as a heel, then was overpushed and became pale HHH.