Question of the Day - The Undertaker's Streak

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  1. The returning "Question of the Day/Week" is back with your host, CM PUNK!

    Anyways right onto the question.

    Who is a Superstar that you thought from the start had no chance in hell beating The Undertaker's streak?

    Explain why.

    If you think that they all had a chance or none of them did explain why.

    Here is the List:

    Wrestlemania XII VII Jimmy Snuka 1–0
    Wrestlemania XII VIII Jake Roberts 2–0
    Wrestlemania XII IX Giant González 3–0 (Won by DQ)
    Wrestlemania XII XI King Kong Bundy 4-0
    Wrestlemania XII Diesel 5–0
    Wrestlemania XII 13 Sycho Sid 6–0 (NoDQ for WWF Title)
    Wrestlemania XII XIV Kane 7–0
    Wrestlemania XII XV Big Boss Man 8–0 (Hell in a Cell)
    Wrestlemania XII X-Seven Triple H 9–0
    Wrestlemania XII X8 Ric Flair 10–0 (NoDq)
    Wrestlemania XII XIX Big Show & A-Train 11–0 (Handicap Match)
    Wrestlemania XII XX Kane 12–0
    Wrestlemania XII 21 Randy Orton 13–0
    Wrestlemania XII 22 Mark Henry 14–0 (Casket Match)
    Wrestlemania XII 23 Batista 15–0 (For the WHC)
    Wrestlemania XII XXIV Edge 16–0 (For the WHC)
    Wrestlemania XII XXV Shawn Michaels 17–0
    Wrestlemania XII XXVI Shawn Michaels 18–0 (NoDQ & Countout)
    Wrestlemania XII XXVII Triple H 19–0 (No Holds Barred)
  2. To be honest I never thought any of them would beat Taker, I just didn't. Maybe Shawns first match I thought it could be done, but that's it really. Though, :shovel: I thought could of ended it and same for this year, but only because of his ego outside WWE, I still feel Undertaker will retire with an undefeated streak.
  3. I would at some moments think that The Undertaker was going to lose. Like last years Tombstone, Michaels Sweet Chin Music and Edge's 2 spears.
  4. I honestly thought they'd give it to Randy Orton. With it being the first time the streak gained prominence and Randy being the legend killer. I'm glad it didn't but I thought he would.
  5. Glad it didn't either because whether he did or not, Randy is one of the biggest stars currently.
  6. I did not know about Wrestlemania XII X-Seven Triple H 9–0.

    So, if they go at it on this year's Wrestlemania, it'd be the 3rd time?..

    OT, Giant González

  7. 5:00 @[Big Hoss Rambler]

  8. Now you know another reason why so many people are sick of HHH/Taker.
  9. Even though I watched that RAW at that time, I must've fallen asleep during HHH's speech.
  10. You mean the start of the show? LMAO!
  11. Yes.:hehe:
  12. IRL, Randy Orton was the closest. Taker himself offered him that, but Orton refused, allegedly he wasn't ready in his head for that, or something like that. Kayfabe - Kane 1998. was pretty damn close, Orton 2005, Batista 2007 and HHH last year. Damn, that Tombstone from Trips was one of the greatest near-falls lately. It was beyond dramatic.
  13. This was the only time for me, too. I was 50/50 on it and pretty nervous when the match was going on. I did breathe a sign of relief on the last Smackdown before WM, though, because generally 99.9% of the time, whoever gets the 'last word' over someone in a feud before the PPV, they lose. Orton got Taker with the RKO and he even sold it by trying to get up but then falling right back to the mat unconscious. I almost knew then that Taker was winning at WM21, and he did.
  14. Same here. I thought the streak was over here:

    After he beat Orton I came to the realization that Taker was never going to lose at WM. Kane in '98 was another guy I thought could beat Taker at Mania, but 'the streak' wasn't mentioned much if at all at that point

    ever since Orton though I gave pretty much none of these guys a chance
  15. I honestly can't say Undertaker will automatically win. There is too much chemistry between them and not involving the backstage politics, It's very hard to see if the streak remains or not. This very well CAN be the last match Taker ever has. But it's hell in a cell so I am so pumped!

    Triple H talking.......burying.....:shovel: ing .........