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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by SFAeroTaker, Dec 12, 2013.

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  1. Ok, maybe a couple questions...
    1.) Can you see what the group is about?
    2.) Is there already a group for Taker?

    I still don't understand this website much...
  2. 1. On the old site you could. Now I'd suggest Pming a member of a group and asking. But most groups are just gatherings of friends, chatting about this and that.
    2. As I said, most groups are just groupings of friends. Just because they have a wrestling name doesn't mean they are dedicated to that particular wrestler.
  3. No one really talks about wrestling in groups or at least from the ones I have experienced, if they do its usually just sharing a match or segment. Most groups are just random.
  4. American Dragons - gif spam and cats
    Deadman's hand - TNA marks
    Nation of Domination - random shit
    Team Showoff - the "cool kids" where they mock us uncool kids
    The Kliq - inactive I think
    The Wolfpack - general shit/inactvie
    Three Man Band - rock music lovers+random

    Nope, there isn't a group for Taker. If you want to buy a group and make it about Taker, you can, $25 I believe it costs. Groups are just private forums with no rules where you can have fun and spam. Essentially.
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  5. We don't have gif spam, we do have cats but the cat lady's computer broke. DMH aint just TNA marks, no one really talks about TNA there.
  6. DX is constant gif spam. Shup newbie.
  7. "shup newbie" been there from April-September/October and then November-
  8. Exactly.
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  9. You have to private message the mods of each group to ask what they're about. Don't know about other groups currently, but 3MB is for music discussion.
  10. I'll be honest 3mb is fucking awesome.
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  11. Ok. I didn't know. I've only been a member of one other forum in my life and it's called Sonic Paradox. I never understood them either; but they didn't have money expenses or allowed double posting in the same day on the same discussion. Ever since I started watching WWE, I've loved Taker since day 1, but it's been hard for me to find people who love Taker as much as I do. Tumblr was this confusing when I joined it. Yet, as I used it more, I understood it more. I know this is nothing like Tumblr.
  12. I'm part of random shit! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  13. there is no rhyme or reason to groups or anything happening around here
  14. WTF is the nation of domination?
  15. aids group I think
  16. DX is not gif spam! Let me post this gif to express my anger!
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