Question time with Dr. Stopspot

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  1. Disclaimer: I am not a real doctor, you ain't getting a prescription.

    I'm bored at work. So lets entertain me by channeling my inner Britta and perhaps I'll end up entertaining you. Ask me questions and I'll reply to them within 24 hours. It can be about just about anything.

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  2. How big (in inches) is your penis? Only accurate and real measurements please. Sarcasm, or comedy of any kind, will be seen as a 4 inch or less answer.
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  3. Cats or dogs?
    Did you like Le Miserables (Hugh Jackman's film)?
  5. Ok, so how long do you usually give yourself when you have "time alone"?

    I disliked the fact that it was just non-stop singing. I mean, you can talk in a musical. Personally, I think the one with Liam Neeson was much better.
  6. That's what annoyed me the most. Come on, I still remember Jean Valjean's number (24601). In the other hand, I loved Javert's voice.
  7. Q1 when you coming back to IWT?

    Q2 who killed kenny?

    Q3 out of all the members that have been banned on this forum if you had choose who would prefer to be locked in a room with for a day? Faliure to choose will result in you being stuck in a room with all of them for the rest of your life
  8. How did the Swedish Chef become so popular? Is he a great chef in Sweden, or just a man who made himself almost as great as you are?
  9. 6.4 ish. But with a certainly atractice Cornwallian stud around it gets bigger :otunga:
    Cats. I have a phobia for bigger dogs since childhood.

    I have not. It is on my list.
    I do. But seabs takes out the whip :sad:

    30 minutes to more, Iron man bitch.
    Sooner or later.

    Just about everyone

    That's a tricky one. I'm too old for Jeebak so that's easy. Aids I could put a muzzle on. BLFFL would probably lead me to bashing my brains out. I'll go Aids.
    The chef is a legend, passed down through generations for so long that no one remembers where he got his fame.
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  10. I'm as atractice as it gets.
  11. Cant we just get along? Theres enough spray tan for the both of us
  12. You don't need spray tan... #ButImNotRacist
  13. Is it cold in Sweden?
  14. In general, yes. But it obviously depends on where you are in the country, it's a very long country so it differs a lot between the north (which stretches into the arctic circle) and the south. A standard winter can be about -20 Celsius or in some places in the far far far north, -40 whilst in the south it will just be around -0.

    This winter has been weird though. I live in the north and we've had some really temp shifts from day to day. One day its -8, the next its 0.
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  15. Do you listen to Ghost B.C?
    Favorite current Swedish (musical) acts?
  16. I do not. I don't even know who they are
    I'd have to go with a band called Eldkvarn (fire mill in English). They are an old band who've been going since the 70's but they produce this really nice Springsteen/the Police style music that I could listen to for hours.

    Runner ups are bands like Hoffmaestro

    And Captain red
  17. He was a "heel"
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  18. With Sweden being the metal music country, are you a fan of it too?
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