Question To UK Fans Who Have Been To WrestleMania

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Punk_Axel_Ziggler_Fan, Apr 17, 2014.

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  1. Me and a group of 3 friends are thinking about going to WrestleMania in the next few years, probably WrestleMania 32 or 33. I couldn't find the particular information I wanted over the internet and I'd like to ask someone who has actually flown across the pond to watch the show of shows.

    How quickly do the front row tickets sell out? I usually see the same people at the front row for most pay-per-views, including 'Mania , so they can't be that quick to sell out. Also, how much are the front row tickets, usually?

    How long in advance do you have to book a flight to the USA, and which is the best Airline to use? I've looked at plane tickets and they average at around £700, but I take it the flights to the particular city that WrestleMania is being held increase during WrestleMania week?

    Also how expensive is the merchandise at WrestleMania? Is the around the same price as any other event or is it considerably more expensive? How much spending money should I take just for the event itself?

    Thanks for reading and I'd appreciate it if you could answer any of my questions.
  2. Haven't been but I'm 99% going to Mania '31.

    Virgin for the flights, Virgin or British Airways (usually operated by American Airlines) - should be around 700-800 quid depending on where the Mania is. I'd book at least 5-6 month in advance. Same for the hotel. Some people have already booked their hotel for Mania 31...

    Front row for Mania sells out very quick, and the first 5 rows are $2000, which is around £1200.

    I'd presume it's increased, because if you really want it you'll pay it. I'd say take around $400-$500.
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  3. Thanks a lot, that pretty much answers my questions. I hope you enjoy yourself at WrestleMania 31!
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  4. Likewise, no problem.

    Also, tagging @Dat Kid - he's the resident Mania go'er, so he'll be able to give you even more info regarding prices of things at Mania and the likes.
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  5. Okay thanks, I appreciate the help. Also loving the signature haha :emoji_slight_smile:
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