Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by CM Punk, Sep 30, 2012.

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  1. On the logo it says Wrestling Forums.
    Shouldn't it be Wrestling Forum?

  2. No idea why no one -- including myself -- didn't notice this sooner. It's going to bug the crap out of me now -.-.
  3. Isn't that easily fixable though?
  4. Forums is correct, and better imo.
  5. Is it correct?
  6. Every forum I go to refers to the site as Forums....I don't think it's a problem.
  7. You go on other forums? :dafuq:
  8. Been to a shit load and only active on two forums, this being one of them.
  9. And yes it actually is correct since this site is a collection of forums and sub forums.
  10. :true:

    But I don't know wrestling forum sounds kinda better.
  11. I'd much prefer us labeled as a wrestling forum and not a wrestling forums though lmao.

    It's difficult. The slogan (if you can call it that) isn't meant to say "Yes we have wrestling sections" in plural, it's meant to describe our site. I personally think we need a better slogan all together.
  12. Yeah, a new slogan would be nice.
  13. le wild Leo C appears
  14. :dawg:

    Trying to come up with a slogan.
  15. Either;
    - a different wrestling phrase there each week, something catchy a wrestler has said.
    - something stating that this is the #1 forum of its niche, maybe not with member and post counts, but certainly in community spirit and site attractiveness.
  16. i like wwe forum sounds better
  17. the forum of all forums :haha:
  18. I like both of those ideas, but I think I prefer the second. Though my creativity sucks so I might just leave it up to suggestions again.

    That first idea would be wicked though, I would love "The IT Factor of Wrestling Forums" for one week. Not sure if there's enough to keep it fresh every single week though.
  19. That why you mix it up each week, "jabroni free zone". Nobody ever said those exact words but everyone will recognize "jabroni".
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