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  1. Is there any way to know how many posts did u write today?
    I mean like : Today's posts:89
    Cuz Ive been searching and theres only the top poster...but u cannot know your own number of posts.
  2. No, and it's really annoying. Something like this should be built in or be a publicly available plugin. I think there might be a premium plugin somewhere that does it; I'll try look around after the football.

    I'm thinking about paying someone to make a better post-activity plugin.
  3. Yea , I sometimes check out the top poster, and then I wonder how many posts did a write that day. Even if its just a Superstar/Legend feature It would be really cool.
  4. For now you can always click your profile, and then view your posts, and manually count how many you have posted on that day. I know it's more hassle but it is the only way at the moment :emoji_slight_frown:.
  5. Maybe the top 5 posters would be nice.
  6. I know haha but every time I wanna do that I think.-Hey I can be spamming right now - :otunga:
    Anyway hope u find the way. Just wanted you to think about it
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