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  1. Correct me if i'm wrong, but is this matt's mug shot face lol? :matt:
    Matt got arrested for dui etc etc
  2. Yes it is. He was messed up big time.


    This is another one:
  3. Wow thats shocking he looks so vulnerable and like someone who has hit the bottom of the barrel right there.
  4. Yeah felt for the guy. He's alright now though :emoji_slight_smile:
  5. Fair play to him ppl deal with things in different ways many nowadays turn to alcohol and drugs as a release so give the man his dues to pull him self outta that and get on with everything in this day and age no one is perfect and everyone seems to struggle no matter what they have in front of them as a life. There is always difficulties regardless of money, power, status and fame it's all there.
  6. He looks like He got a capital letter "D" in his forehead.

    Theories, anyone?

  7. Indeed D for drunk lol, I could not find anything on the web so maybe he had a fight or fell onto something while UI.
  8. Sometimes the Hardy brothers seem to be competing to be the bigger screw up. Jeff has his drug issues but seems to still be kind of stable were as Matt seems to have lost his mind completely.
  9. Not sticking up for him but be nice ppl mess up guys it's in us all.
  10. They'll probably return to WWE one day. Maybe as single competitors or to make the Tag-Team division better..
  11. First ever site related feedback thread to turn into a full blown wrestling discussion.

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