Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Jonathan, Jun 25, 2012.

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  1. I've put £500 of my birthday money away to earn interest (all like 0.5% of it, but never mind) which I'll add to over this year to help pay for my car.

    I've got £106 left, what should I spend it on?

    Preferably something techy. :burns:

    Thanks. :obama:
  2. robot hookers
  3. I've got £106 left, what should I spend it on?

    Preferably something techy.
  4. Robot hookers is pretty techy.

    You could buy me an iPhone for Xanth's spot as Chairmen.
  5. Console games?
  6. How about I send you the £100 for Xanth's spot as Chairman?


    Whenever I don't have money, there's lots I want.
    I now have money, none I want.

  7. Would rather iPhone.
  8. :pity::pity:
  9. Save it up and put it towards a PS Vita :emoji_wink:, gives me another friend on my list hah.
  10. thats about 132 American dollars. A new phone maybe. I would update my wardrobe, but thats just me.
  11. :okay:
  12. Feeling submissive today eh, Crayo? :otunga:


    Just got a new phone.
    And got plenty of clothes.


    Vita's are awful IMO.
  13. Pre purchase some games that are coming out that you want? That way when they come out you can just check them out and be on your way.
  14. My mind thinks I've just thrown away the money though. :upset:
  15. I don't mind it, then again, I have to buy every console and handheld on release, that comes out, I'm a sucker for technology. So if I don't like something, I learn that after I've bought it and used it, like the Wii for example, I have not used it in god knows how long, but I'll never sell it, and I will probably still get the new Wii-U.
  16. upgrade your hardware. New motherboard, harddrive, etc.
  17. Fifa 12.
  18. I'd be shocked if one is yet to purchase that.
  19. Just remembered Jonathan has it but I think he's a PS3fag.

    Xbox 360 then.
  20. Shut up you XBOX-fag. :dawg:
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