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  1. Would you rather have just one upload of RAW on the 'Our Shows' section here:

    Or would you like the option to chose between which version to watch? I.E HD/Non-HD.

    Please vote in the poll or post your opinion.
  2. I rather have one user upload RAW in non HD and one user do RAW HD so everyone could watch it. Also, find a way to stop making these videos banned in the US!
  3. I'll be doing HD and I already know a way around them being banned in the US.

    I used it on my recent SmackDown.
  4. is HD/ non HD silly cause youtube has quality settings o.o?
  5. Put the HD video URL here and the other qualities in the Video Description.

    No need to double threads for the same show.

    Do HD if you can because I currently can't. Too many people doing the same normal quality right now.
  6. do you need other quality one? youtube go like this


    if you want hd you choose it if you not want hd then you not choose it! i always go 3601!!!

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  8. You can only chose HD if the video uploaded is actually HD :lol1::lol1::lol1:
  9. so just upload the HD version and let people choose the quality they want :emoji_grin:
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