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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dat Kid, Oct 24, 2012.

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  1. I put this thread up so that we can ask questions about other countries and someone from the country could answer. I feel it might provide better answers than a google search.

    So I have question for UK fags, on a scale of 1-10 how much do you fear 'merica? :jeritroll:
  2. Depends what you're referring to when you say fear. I fear America 0/10 because they probably don't know who I am therefore they don't have a problem with me. :maybe:
  3. Question for America. Why you guys so fat?
  4. Lack of self control :pity:
  5. BEause it doesnt take a skinny person to drop an A BOMB
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  6. IIRC America apologised for Romney to the UK. We all know you fear this tiny island.
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  7. The only thing America fears is itself
  8. There's a fast food restaurant within two miles of everything and not much farming goes on here compared to other places, so a lot of additives to preserve food are put in. Plus fast food was basically invented here, so we've been eating the stuff for years. You guys will catch up eventually.

    Although I'm not fat because I'm homeless and can't afford to eat. I have wifi under the bridge I live.
  9. Question for UK. How does you voting process go?
  10. We get letters saying "plz vote now kthx" and we go and vote and mail them.
  11. Question for the many Bangladesh users on this forum.

    How much Jeera powder do I need for a Authentic Chicken Curry?
  12. You vote? I ignore that shit. :dawg:
  13. Why isn't soccer popular in 'merica?
  14. It's growing massively in America. But yeah, it's not the #1 sport in America and it's not "cool" to play it, so sociological factors come into play. That's why it's not popular in America.
  15. Question for UK, why there arent much soccer players outside UK?
  16. Urm, do you mean why are there not much English football players outside the UK? If you seriously mean why aren't there in general then you're horribly mistaken, given it's the most popular sport worldwide.
  17. don't understand the Q
  18. The only time it's ever relevant is when the womens team is playing in the world cup or olmypics. Beckham was a pretty touch i guess for a match or two.
  19. A lot of Americans find it boring
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