Questions About Wrestlemania 26

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Captain of Peepulation, Jun 27, 2013.

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  1. You may say "WTF is this? It's been 3 years." Yes but I had started months before it and I didn't know much. I didn't know forums etc but that's another think. I was watching 2010 RTWM shows and I am at last Raw before WM. What did you guys thought about MITB match? Now Swagger looked like an surprise. When there is Christian, Kofi, Drew. Now WWE was high on these three on these days. Kofi was so close to being a main eventer, Drew was the chosen one and Christian was a long reigning ECW Champion until he lost that at last show of WWE ECW. Did you predict that Swagger would win that one? And another one, that great match, Taker vs Shawn, who did you thought that will win?
  2. I was swerved by Swagger, I thought Drew was obvious to pick it up especially since Vince had a rumoured bone for him at the time.

    Take vs Shawn was so unpredictable, I didn't see Shawn raking the streak but I didn't see Taker retiring him either for some reason.
  3. I was upset that Swagger had won when there were so many other who could've benefited from the briefcase
  4. I think I read that Drew was supposed to win the briefcase, but they changed it because they thought people had already figured it out (like, wut? Predictability never stopped them before.)

    Speaking of which, Undertaker and Shawn Michaels was a good match but it was obvious as could be that Michaels was winning. That didn't ruin the drama of the whole build or the match itself (both which I thought were quite good) but still. He'd been speaking about retiring for a couple of years and even went on radio shows talking about how much it'll probably take getting used to not performing in the ring anymore. Could have all been a big swerve but I would have been disappointed if an already established legend and a guy who's already been a victim of Taker at WM and a guy who's already in the twilight of his career either way and thus would get no long term or even short term benefit from ending the streak (Michaels falls under all three of these categories) was the one who ended up beating it.
  5. Swagger winning the MITB match was unpredictable, and in my opinion it wasn't a good decision since his reign was one of the worst ever imo.

    HBK VS Taker was incredible, the build, the match, everything, it was so emotional since HBK was my favorite superstar.
    I was sure that Taker's winning unlike their previous WM25 encounter which was even better and more unpredictable, but after WM26, I don't want anyone to break the streak because imo if there will never ever be a superstar who deserves to break it more than HBK did.
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