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  1. BJWhitmer
    What Motivates the Dark-Hearted Leader of the Decade?

    When the Decade was born at Final Battle ’13, their mission was clear. Now, over eighteen months later, the Decade has changed and the mission has changed. Or was the only remaining original member of the Decade the driving force? Is the current direction of the Decade what BJ Whitmer had in mind all along?

    Longtime ROH fans know that when BJ Whitmer gets fixated on something, he has a hard time letting go. Look at his historic and violent feud with Jimmy Jacobs. So driven to prove his point, Whitmer nearly destroyed his entire career and, in fact, had to step away from the ring for several years as a result of the injuries he had accumulated.

    Throughout 2014, there were signs of jockeying within the Decade for the leadership position. Disagreements of strategy, selection of members, even competing to be heard in interviews were all landmarks on a map of a bumpy road. In the last nine months, the road for Whitmer has gotten darker, his mood has intensified and his actions have become more sinister than ever.

    First to go from the Decade was Roderick Strong. Then, more surprising, was Jimmy Jacobs. Whitmer excommunicated Jacobs at Supercard of Honor. Now the veteran from Cincinnati, Ohio has kicked everyone out of the Decade except people he can control. The remaining member is Adam Page and newest “young boy” Colby Corino.

    Is Whitmer a “bad” person or a “bad” leader? Is the Decade stronger or weaker for the decisions that Whitmer has made? Roderick Strong is at the top of his game so it’s difficult to say that the Decade is stronger with Roddy’s subtraction. But Strong thrives on his own and may never have been a great personality fit with Whitmer. BJ has had a huge influence on Adam Page's recent rise and experts say Page is very close to becoming a main event player in ROH.

    Isn’t it possible Page could have elevated himself without the evil influence pulling the strings? There is no doubt Page always had the potential and heart. Now, Whitmer has Page groomed for greatness and apparently Page will continue to follow, no questions asked.

    Many questions have been asked about the newest “young boy," Colby Corino, the 18-year-old son of ROH commentator and former in-ring star, Steve Corino. Is the goal with Colby the same as it was with Page? Does the leader of the Decade see the same level of potential in Colby that he saw in Adam Page?

    Any question asked about Colby Corino must have follow-up questions asked about his father. What is BJ Whitmer’s true agenda regarding Steve Corino and where did it come from? Corino has long been an outspoken critic of Whitmer’s, well before BJ showed his dark side in the Decade. Did the verbal barbs from Corino lead to bitter feelings? Is that the reason why Colby Corino was chosen as a “young boy” for the Decade? Or is there more to the story?

    While Steve Corino has not spoken at great length about it on Ring of Honor Television, Steve did confirm that Colby has moved out on his own and the two haven’t spoken since Colby agreed to Whitmer’s offer for apprenticeship in the Decade. How much influence does the leader of the Decade have over a young, impressionable man who wants to become a star in Professional Wrestling more than anything?

    Another question that must be asked is how far will BJ Whitmer go to accomplish his goals? He has seized control of the Decade. He has surrounded himself with those who believe in him and him alone. What is BJ Whitmer’s true agenda and when will he reveal it?

    Perhaps the most important question…

    Can anyone stop BJ Whitmer and the Decade?

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