Quick recap (minus last night)

Discussion in 'RAW' started by catlady, Dec 10, 2013.

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  1. Going to watch Raw later. It has been about 7 weeks since I watched it. Fill me in on what is going on, minus last night.
    I read some stuff but missed a lot.
  2. 7 weeks? Not a lot.
  3. Honestly, you haven't missed much. RAW has been extremely lack luster these past few weeks(besides last night).

    Cena and Orton have been going back and forth these past few weeks to build up their TLC title vs title match,
    The Wyatt Family has been trying to get Bryan to join them, Punk has been trading blows with The Shield, Brodus has been slowly turning against Xavier Woods, Big E will be facing Sandow for the I.C title at TLC, oh and Sin Cara has been beating Del Rio clean. That's about the only slightly important things you need to know.
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  4. All thatI can think of:

    -Big E is Intercontinental Champion
    -Both World titles are going in a unified title match
    -Bryan is feuding with Wyatts
    -Punk is feuding with Shield
    -Tag Team Division is at it's peak in years
    -Hunico is Sin Cara, and has been winning cleanly
    -Divas are all over the place, and getting a bit more screen time
    -Brodus Clay and Xaiver Woods are feuding, with Brodus slowly turning heels
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  5. Thanks guys :obama:
  6. Here I'll make it easier and straight to the point; It's sucked. :sandow:
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  7. Everyone died.
  8. WWE Monday Night Walking Dead?
  9. No, they're using zebra wrestlers now.
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  10. Let me tell you a little story about WWE.

    It stinks, the end.
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