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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Roi, Mar 24, 2013.

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  1. What about something that allows you to favourite a thread..Like havind threads saved because they have a video/new that you like ..
    (Dont really know if this already exists)
  2. You can subscribe to them, there should be a button saying add to subscribed threads or something.
  3. ^yep, it just needs to be more appealing.
  4. Using this, couldn't we have a "like" button for threads?
  5. We should add like a "follow" button next to "new reply" so users have a more easy method of subscribing to threads, but I'd rather have it integrated with myalerts. I'm not sure if @euantor once said he had this planned or something, but if not I'll suggest it (and pay for it if needed). Having an alert once someone replies to a watched thread is a good idea.
  6. I have been meaning to add it for a while, it's just that the subscription system in the core is such a mess lol
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