QUIZ! Edition 1

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  1. welcome to the first of my weekly quiz(if it goes well) i will be doing it every week an hour before raw

    1 no google knowone likes a cheat

    2 first to answer gets it

    3 If its a tie there will be a tiebreaker

    4 its only a bit of fun

    First question up in 5 mins


    q1 when did the first episode of raw air?
  2. something something 1992
  3. January 13th 1993?
  4. January 7th of 1993 then I think.
  5. haha no


    although it might of been in the uk
  6. The 11th then?
  7. Jan 11th 1993.
  8. January 11th 1993. You said not to use Google, you said nothing about Bing! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  9. leo c got it 1 point to you

    Q2 how many raws has there been since raw 1000
  10. Erm.. I think 12, tonight is the 13th?
  11. Tonight is the 13th episode!
  12. lacky got it 1 point

    Last question because raw starts soon
    Q3 who is ryan reeves better known as? Worth 3 points
  13. Rybotch err sorry I mean Ryback :pity1:
  14. Ryback
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