QuizUp - challenge me on wrestling

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Solidus, Mar 2, 2015.

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  1. #1 Solidus, Mar 2, 2015
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    So I found QuizUp and it's super awesome.
    You challenge friends or randoms to quizzes on your favorite topic. There's wrestling, Metal Gear, Pokemon, Walking Dead, animals, and loads more.

    It's on Android here -> QuizUp – Android Apps on Google Play
    And on iOS here -> QuizUp™ on the App Store
    You can add me: mgsolidus
    Let's all get it and challenge each other, it will be fun. :bodallas:

    Forum Name - QuizUp name
    Just Kevin - Kevin
    Stopspot - Stopspot
    CM Punk - WWEFPunk
    The Reagmaster - Reagan Cole
  2. You're on, Big Boss....
  3. Aight, will be on soon.
    Perhaps @Lockard23 or @Sheik wants to challenge me on Meta Gear?
  4. Yeah, I added you, Display name is Forrest, Imma kick ur ass.
  5. Okie dokie.
    I'll add names to the OP if people leave them here.
  6. Bring it. :4/10:
  7. :henry:
    Lemme know your username.
  8. Question: Is this a paid advertisement?

    I'll download it though, sec
  9. No, it's a fun game that I posted here because wrestling topics. I wanted to get people playing.
  10. Ah, I literally read it in the same voice as YouTubers when they have paid ad intros on their videos. 42mb, too big for my phone, RIP.
  11. Username: Kevin
    Avatar: Green Dog

    Challenge already put in against you Solidus. I've been playing QuizUp for over a year.. I'll gladly beat you whenever you want!
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  12. Installed.

    Username: Trip
    It's a pic of me
  13. C'mon @Solidus, you got 3 challenges waiting... Pro Wrestling, Retro Games, and Minecraft. You'll probably win all 3.. but I never said I was any good so that's okay lol
  14. Trip.. I tried finding you and can't lol... try to find me, if possible.
  15. One guess as to what my username is. :haha: Anyone can feel free to kick my ass.
  16. I tried looking for "Kevin" with a green dog, but I didn't just see Kevin. It was Kevin something-something so I wasn't sure it was you. Had the green dog though.
  17. Yeah it was the same when I searched Trip.. lol
  18. Surprised I beat you at retro games Kevin, and by that margin too.
  19. Yeah, I had a bad game.. We seem to be pretty even on most things.. but you absolutely destroy me in Metal Gear, almost every answer is a guess.. I only fully completed 3 Metal Gear titles.. the original on NES, Snake's Revenge on NES, and Metal Gear Solid on PS1. The rest I started and gave up on lol
  20. Yeah, MGS is kinda my thing. There's some very obscure questions but most I get right, unless it's the NES games. Don't know nearly as much on them.
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