Quoting my fail.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Arrow, Oct 4, 2012.

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  1. "You cannot like your own status, nobody wants to look that vain. By all means feel free to comment inside your status and say 'I really liked this status, I'm proud of myself.' if you really feel the desire to do so."

  2. If you make a status and click the heart on the left, it will redirect you to a forum page that gives you this error. :/
  3. OOOHHHH! That's kinda funny! lol
  4. ^ Kinda? Way to misspell "Kind of." :win:
  5. If only there was another user who had a black & white Joker display picture. Oh wait, Crayo did too.
  6. Copy cat. :gusta:
  7. The fuck avatar haven't you had yet?
  8. You liking yourself again? Didn't you just realize you can't?
  9. Go to bed spot, this is past the staff bedtime, and that makes this nwoforums.net.
  10. Righto
  11. Reported, for flaming. :haha: now :gtfo:
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