R.I.P Aces & Eights (June 14th 2012 - November 21st 2013)

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Nov 26, 2013.

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    Bully Ray (President)
    D'Lo Brown (1st VP)
    Mr. Anderson (2nd VP)
    Devon (1st Sgt. At Arms )
    Tito Ortiz (2nd Sgt. At Arms)
    Garett Bischoff
    Wes Brisco
    Brooke Tessmacher

    ~ June 14th 2012. - November 21st 2013. ~







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  2. Cool ending, nice rub for Anderson. He looks more natural in tights, the trunks were too much for his upper thighs
  3. Even though the Aces and Eights have finally been forced to disband I imagine Knux and Wes are going to stay together as a tag team. Towards the end they were just about the only two within the whole club that weren't fighting with one another. It'll be a nice addition to the tag team division and it gives both guys something to do.
  4. I think you mean Bisch. Wes is gone
  5. Are you sure BIschoff isn't gone as well? With his dad out of the picture there was no reason to keep the guy.
  6. You mean from Aces and Eights or TNA in general? Wes is still on the TNA roster list.
  7. But he hasn't been seen on screen since losing his cut. Whilst Bischoff and Knux are seen on screen together all the time. Its more likely to see Bisch and Knux teaming up than Knux and Wes. Plus Knux is better.
  8. I honestly don't even remember Wes losing his cut.
    Wait,yeah, I mixed Wes and Garrett up.
  9. Protip: Bisch is the smarky douchebag.
    We is the one that looks inbred :otunga:
  10. About time they disbanded. They were together too long imo
  11. To be honest,I haven't really payed attention to anything Aces and Eights wise in the past few months.
    Also,lol. I don't know why I got them mixed up,it's probably because they have the same amount of wrestling skills.:jeritroll:
  12. Bisch > Wes imo. Bisch sells real well whilst Wes cannot even do that.
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  13. What? Next to no skills? :jericho:
  14. Awesome thread. Kinda glad it's over with but didn't mind it while it was going on. Only dreadful during the Bully/Brooke thing for me.
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  15. What's gonna happen to Tessmacher? That's all I care about tbh :ksi:
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  16. Aces and Eights were great and Brooke Assmacher just made it sexier :fap:

    Would love to see them reuniting in a couple of years.
  17. Dragged out way to long. Glad it ended, hopefully they can continue to use Anderson in a good way. Such a shame, they had a lot of potential once Bully became World champion, but it felt like they went nowhere then.
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  18. Motherfucking Samoa Joe eating was brilliant. Fantastic segment.
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