R.I.P Big show?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by James, Mar 17, 2012.

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  1. As much as i think the big show is a great performer the sad fact is that because of his current height of 6'11 or 7ft that it will prove too be his death sentence?

    just look at big wrestlers who past away at a young age such as....

    Test 6ft4/6ft5 died aged 33
    Big Boss Man 6ft4 died aged 41
    Andre the giant 7ft died aged 46
    Giant Gonzalez 7ft7 died aged 44
    Giant haystacks 6ft10 died aged 52
    Big John Studd 6ft6/6ft7 died aged 47

    since the bigt show is now 40 i wonder how much longer he be will live for? 6 years perhaps? more too the point do you think its sad too think that worlds largest athelete may not be around for too much longer because of the implications of standing at such a massive height? same applies too great khali as well who is 7ft1.

    as for big guys like kane, undertaker, kevin nash well.... i think they would be lucky too make too it too there 60's.

    one thing is for sure that the wwe will not be the same without the big show around :emoji_slight_frown:
  2. There are a lot of tall guys in the WWE. Some have lived until they were quite old. I think the reason a lot of them probably because of steroid abuse? (Please do not quote me on this, just a thought)

    Oh and change the thread title, I thought Big Show was actually dead, lol.
  3. No i am sure standing at 6ft11 currently will negetivly impact his life expectancy.

    if one is over 6ft4 its almost a slow death sentence.
  4. What you've got to remember is medical science has developed alot since those guys died, the only recent one was Test and he died of an overdose due to concussion issues. There are plenty of tall guys who have lived long lifes. Take Magic Johnson for instance he's 6 foot 9 and is still alive at 52.
  5. 52 is not that old given that some people live well into there 90's these days.
  6. It's still a decent life span IMO. It's not like these guys who are dying in their mid 40s or earlier.
  7. Heard he went thru some kind of successfully surgery (about the growing) in his early life so that might've helped him.

    Thought the same.
  8. It will most likely affect his life span but as seabs said, with modern medicine it won't have such a big impact. It could mean a death at 60-70 instead of 80-90. I hope he doesn't die before his time though, that'd be horrible.
  9. well andre the giant died aged 46.................
  10. Andre was an different case. He was drinking very much. (53 beers in one session)
    And what seabs said, the medical care has improved these days. And Show is in the gym alot nowadays. So he is doing his health a favour.
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