R.I.P. James Gandolfini

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Bort, Jun 20, 2013.

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  1. Wow, I'm fucking devastated. The Sopranos is my favorite show ever, Tone is my favorite TV character ever, and poor Gandolfini was one of my favorite actors in the world, Top 5 easily. He was bringing it in every fucking character. Terrible, terrible news. :emoji_slight_frown:

    RIP James Gandolfini, aka Anthony Soprano.


    So long, Skip!
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  2. It's weird because just yesterday the guys at work and I were discussing if it was too late for them to make a Sopranos movie. Very sad to hear this news this morning.
  3. Tragic news that truly made my day very, very sad.

    One of the greatest shows of all time, and one of the greatest actors that television ever saw. Rest in peace, James.
  4. Watched the show a few times, and enjoyed it each time. It's one of those shows I have been wanting to watch, but keep putting it off. It 's sad, he was such a badass character I really enjoyed him the most on the show. R.I.P.
  5. RIP you fat fuck. You fucked up one of the greatest shows ever, and didnt do shit after that was worthwhile.

    Fuck him, and his bullshit ego.
  7. Dude wtf. I have never even watched Sopranos, but you're seriously saying that about a dead guy just because you didn't enjoy his work?
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  8. Congrats on going full throttle retard, you backpedalling scum.
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  9. Rest in peace James. Even when other guys say you did fuck up a lot of things I enjoyed what you did.
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