News R-Truth says the wrestlers are coming up with 24/7 title story ideas

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The 24/7 championship may look terrible, and its introduction may have gone poorly, but I would argue it’s been the most consistently entertaining thing WWE has done since its inception. A big reason for that, apparently, is because the wrestlers involved with it are allowed to get creative.

Funny how that works.

As R-Truth told Yahoo Sports:

“Guys like Drake Maverick, Jinder Mahal, EC3, these guys came up with their own gimmick with regard to the title. Drake Maverick came up with the poster idea on his own, he took that leap. The company takes notice of that. When the opportunity is there, you have to let your creative juices start flowing and reach and grab for it.”
Of course, Truth also mentioned in a separate interview that Vince McMahon has contributed plenty by way of helping flesh these ideas out, so let’s not bury the bossman completely here. But wrestlers having more freedom to be creative and to see that creativity through will always lead to more entertaining television.

Let’s hope it continues.

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