R Truth was allowed in Canada WTF?

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  1. Ok so R Truth was banned from entering Canada a few years back thats why he couldnt tour with WWE but now all of sudden hes allowed in Canada WTF? his criminal record with drugs is the reason he got banned so how has WWE got past all that for him to be in Canada with the other wrestlers?
  2. Go ask the Staples Center why Miz was there
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  4. Since it was less then 5 years, to get into Canada he had to pay 200 Canadian dollars, which is the fee for a temporary resident permit. He had to talk with Canadian officials though, letting them know the reason why he was going to Canada and is only allowed for a limited time. It does take a while to do all this, so it's possible why he didn't try this before because of the time it takes to do all this, and the sudden realization of not being allowed onto Canadian soil.
  5. Poor guy being in Canada.
  6. :willis: I'm watching you
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