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  1. It's a shame they cut his conspiracy run.

  2. I agree he was a really good heel it's such a shame he got suspended really. Hopefully he comes back as a variation of the little jimmy gimmick rather then the cheesy babyface he was before.
  3. God I hope he isn't face when he returns. He's stupid though, he had the push of his life in WWE and goes and smokes weed (or the generic weed). Silly really. His babyface run was horrid. I'm just hoping we don't see Miz vs Truth feud.
  4. I know this is a troll but he'll still be heel, he's only gone for 30 days and he can start again by this Mondays RAW in Chicago.
    I see Miz going back to mid-card/low main event with R-Truth for the conspiracy BS because the plan was for ADR/Punk to have a feud into January then Jericho to return and feud with Punk until Mania, however with R-Truth's suspension and the 'take out' I'm not sure if they could go back as a tag team with Miz, but hey, it's WWE, they change their mind every second.
  5. I doubt Miz will drop down to mid card. He's too involved in Media, draws aswell. Can't wait for Chicago RAW. You know it's going to be good just because it's in Chicago.
  6. I'd say bar the Cena/Rock tag at SS, the Miz/Truth was low main event at best.
  7. Nah they were involved with HHH, any storyline with HHH is main event. They had some mid-card matches like tag teams, but that was just to assert their dominance really. They took out everyone at HIAC remember. Such a shame, they were the most interesting thing on RAW at the time, till Truth did that :emoji_slight_frown:.
  8. Agreed with this Miz is basically going to be the next media cow of the WWE. I can't see him dropping down to the mid-card ever again tbh.
  9. R truf is a real hero. I hope he keeps doing that conspiracy stuff

  10. Same tbh, he can be a comedy psycho heel. Really loved his gimmick.
  11. The conspiracy gimmick for me was good for a comedy midcarder but aside from that I can't say I was overly impressed.
  12. I guess he just caught me off guard with how good his mic skills/facial expressions were. I only saw him as a generic rapping face. It was horrible, painful. But instantly he became a favourite of mine with the way he'd just make me laugh, but still maintain that threat that a heel needs.

  13. R-Truth and the conspiracy gimmick was hilarious. C-O-N-Spiracy.
  14. they could always have a heel vs heel fude but who know's they could have a loser leaves brand match and send one to smackdown it could work that way both remain heel idk but i agree R Truth can not be a face unless its a face version of his conspiracy character but i do not see that working either
  15. Never thought of the possibility of Truth going on SmackDown. That'd be epic. Can keep his persona and not be buried on RAW. Miz won't be on SmackDown at all, he's a draw on RAW now. Heel v Heel feuds never tend to work any more, the crowd will get behind one thus turning them face. In this sense it'd be R-Truth since his promos can make people laugh and boo the shit out of him at the same time lol.
  16. yeah i know i think a heel vs heel could just be a one off match rather than a fued thats why i think it will be a one off match maybe one promo just to make the point that the loser goes to smackdown at least that way as you say none are buried and they can both remain heel
  17. Well if that were the case, SmackDown would be buried. Last thing they want to do is make it look like SmackDown is a demotion. Especially with stars like Randy Orton, Barret, Christian, Bryan and Henry on there. But I'd love to see Truth on there, definitely. Feuding for IC.
  18. ah i never meant it to seem like a demotion more along the lines of RAW aint big enough for the two of us basically saying they cant both be on RAW so one of them will have to leave and such
  19. That could work yeah. It'd boost Miz even further as a legitimate heel threat in the RAW Main event, and would boost SmackDown with a very entertaining crazy heel.
  20. Judging by the vids, he'd be hilarious as a face. Why did he get suspended?