Rabid parents syndrome

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Paul Diaz-Berrio, Oct 9, 2018.

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    The name of this thread is the only one I can think of for the wrestlers who become parents. Both men and women appear to be affected by it and they all exhibit the same symptoms. Having their own children seems to bring out the worst in them and they're not even aware of their actions. I can list a number of wrestlers who have fallen under this influence and what they've done because of it.

    Hulk Hogan: He had two children, aged 5 and 3 at the the time he went back on his word to Bret Hart that he would put him over. He then lied on behalf of Vince Mcmahon, perverting the course of justice.

    Mick Foely: His wife was pregnant with their second child and his first was a year old. He starts his hardcore era by asking Vader to pummel his face. Later on, in front of his family, he agrees to let the Rock whack him in the head multiple times with a chair, upsetting both his children and his wife.

    Triple H and Stephanie Mcmahon: They had a seven year old daughter, a five year and three year old at home when they staged a storyline in which they acted like criminals onscreen, handcuffing Daniel Bryan and beating him horribly, with Stephanie Mcmahon urging Triple H to drown Daniel Bryan at one point. Let's not forget Stephanie humiliating Goldust or defiling the Big Show in public.

    The Danielsons: Brie kicks Liv Morgan in the face, delivers a stiff forearm to Ruby Riot and knees Zelina Vega in the face. Daniel Bryan becomes oblivious to the harm his wife is causing, blindly defending her, in spite of the fact that she's hurt people.

    Shane Mcmahon: He has three kids and he smashed a cinder block over the Big Show's head, agreed to be thrown through plate glass, fell off a cage from a great height, a father to three sons.

    The Bellas: Betrayal is one thing, but the way it was done was fucked up. I mean, people saw it coming, but what the fuck, man? A forearm to the back of the head, kicks on the floor, pushing her into the ring post and steps from behind? Is backstabbing another symptom of this disease that seems to afflict new parents?

    What gets into the wrestlers who have families? What makes them behave this way? Shouldn't they be the opposite?
  2. Everything other than the Brie thing was all in favor of a work or story telling. You could have added Shane to the list when he had his family watch him jump off the cage just a few years ago (I think it was) vs the Undertaker. The Brie incident was a accident, followed by a mistake, followed by poor judgment. Bryan will be in favor of backing his wife because it is his wife.
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  3. Good point, Snake. I will certainly add Shane O Mac to the list. I will be adding some others too.

    On topic, why did said wrestlers with families do what they did in favor of a work or a storyline? What made them go ahead with it?
  4. There is a difference between them as people and when they got their tights on...obviously. So I wouldn't ask why they behave in certain way because they are just playing characters. Maybe there is a link between them having children and the storylines in WWE. I don't see an immediate connection though and if I did then I would be clutching at straws.

    Seems like everybody in the wrestling business has 'blindly' supported Brie. Even Liv
  5. If it were only a matter of people carrying out acts because they're told to, I wouldn't be pursuing this matter. It just so happens that I am because of the evidence. All the wrestlers I have mentioned are parents and what they did either happened around the time they were having kids, or when their kids were young.

    You want more examples? How about these?

    Brock Lesnar: Had young infants when he brutalized Zack Gowan, hurling him down a flight of steps on a wheelchair.

    The Rock: He had a young daughter and he spat in Hulk Hogan's face after shaking his hand.

    The Undertaker: His wife Sara was pregnant with their first child and he beat up Hulk Hogan in the back, attached a chain to his leg, hooked it onto his motorcycle and dragged him off at a considerable speed down a long corridor.
  6. All of those example contain wrestlers who have done just as much crazy shit before they were parents. Why? Cuz they work for Vince Mcmahon. Your examples are not evidence for shit.

    For every example of a wrestler who is a parent doing something crazy, I can think of a wrestler who doesn't have kids do something crazy. It's because they work for WWE.

    Go and direct this theory at some bonafide evidence.
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    I've given the matter some thought and I've arrived at the conclusion that you're right. I guess I was trying to justify the actions of said wrestlers by making family a reason for why they were behaving the way they were, but I am beginning to see that may not necessarily be the case.

    Let's evolve the discussion by looking at the wrestlers without kids who did nasty things. Who are they?