Racing With Robbie: This Week on the Amazing Race

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    So, this week we hit up Palermo, Italy... Wow. I must admit I regularly travel the world but this place was beautiful and that is said after being pretty much everywhere in the world at least once.

    A perfect start to the leg was a pizza dinner, bro!!! You know I am always hungry so daddy was happy! Now, after that was one of the hardest things to do on the Amazing Race so far... Find a taxi at 6:30AM, bro! Where are they? The only place I've ever seen a cab roaming around early in the morning is in NYC. BOOM!

    We ere the last team to find a cab so we had to move quick to catch up. We moved onto car racing which not only was super fun but also easy for Brooke, she loves cars and killed it!

    Next, we chose to go sing opera (I'm kind of a big deal at singing, bro, ask DJZ) instead of to going to paint. Great choice too, because not only were we the only team to choose this (no pressure) but we also killed it, bro! Book me for your weddings or birthdays, I do a mean Britney cover, bro!

    Finishing in 4th was not bad, we are going to start making up ground on the other teams. I can feel it, bro!!! Can you feel it??? See you next week!


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