Racing with Robbie: Week 1 of the Amazing Race

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    Each week, will host a blog from Robbie E as he and Knockout Brooke journey across the globe on CBS’ The Amazing Race. You can follow their journey on Fridays at 8/7c on CBS and then come to to get Robbie’s inside scoop!

    Wow, bro!

    I must say, the first week of the Amazing Race has already been insanity! Starting in Times Square, in the middle of the night, not knowing where you are going next is CRAZY! Even for Robbie E… but not like Crazzy Steve, bro, that guy’s a creep.

    Standing in Times Square in NYC surrounded by thousands of fans was a cool experience. BUT, when Phil Koeghan said it was go time, Brooke and I were all business. By the way, how cool is it that we’re #TheWrestlers, bro?? Anyway, we hopped in a cab and hurried to our next clue, which told us to get to the airport because we were heading to St. Thomas.

    Once in St. Thomas, we had time to size up the other teams and realized that we’re the top dogs. When people hear we are wrestlers, they get scared bro! We are an intimidating force, bro, so they should be scared… Well, bro, we started in last place – that sucked, but Brooke and I killed it on the mountain climbing and cliff jumping. When we got to the beach, I found the Treasure Box faster than any team and we made it back up to a fourth place finish. It’s like I’m Christopher Columbus, bro!!! Not too shabby for a slow start.

    Now, Brooke and I are more used to the race and how it works. We are going to continue to kill it and we will win that million dollars, bro! Daddy wants a new house!!!! BOOM!!!!

    See ya this Friday!

    Check out Episode 1 of the Amazing Race by clicking here!


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