Racing with Robbie: Week 3 of the Amazing Race

Discussion in 'TNA Feed' started by TNA, Oct 11, 2014.

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    What a week it was in the Shetland Islands, bro! Before I raced around the Shetland Islands, I had never even heard of them... Have you? Anyway...

    #TheWrestlers are still here!!! Everyone continues to think we will die (or get lost) and that just won't happen, bro. Sure, Brooke sometimes thinks we will lose and gets negative. Lucky for her, she has a partner that never loses... even when he loses! You feel me, right, bro?? Robbie E is a winner - my mom always told me that and then I learned it was true! I know we have what it takes to make it through this race and win it. Seeing is believing, bro!

    Starting this leg of the race was rough as we had a LONG travel day from England to Scotland by train and then taking an overnight ferry to the Shetland Islands. After the ferry arrived, we had a slight issue with everyone driving on the wrong side of the road, bro. WHAT. WAS. THAT???

    When we got all our torch equipment, I knew this task would be hard but it's all about not giving up. Being a former X-Division, Television and Tag Team (twice, bro! BOOM!!!) Champion, I know about putting work in. I wasn't going to let those stupid Vikings beat me, bro! Now on to the sheep... I hate animals, bro, they're so weird! But, I must admit, dealing with those sheep was similar to dealing with my race partner.

    Just let them get all crazy, then talk to them like babies and then they get focused and the rest is easy!!! BOOM!!! Robbie E - 1; Sheep - 0.

    We finished 6th, which is fine. We're getting stronger each leg and we're still in it to win it!

    Plus, the whole world got to see how fast I am... Spoiler alert: I'm so fast, bro!!!!

    See you next week!


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