Racing With Robbie: Week 6 of the Amazing Race

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    What a week it was, bros....

    This week was all about Morocco and stupid animals... Why do animals have to be so creepy, bro? I don't like that I don't know what they're up to. Anyway, to start things off, we had to carry these bags of hay across town, which was no problem for us because we're so strong. The world got to see how crazy buff we are and Brooke even did some elbow drops for good measure!

    For the detour, we had to choose between building a tent and making goat butter. I really wish we had chosen camp, bro. These goats were the smelliest, grossest things ever. Why don't animals take baths? Anyway, we milked the goat, then I churned the butter. Took too much time, but whatever, we got it done. Then, it was off to the road block.

    Brooke did that and, bro, she had to walk across this ladder and cables all the way across a canyon. What are we, bro, daredevils? She was super freaked out and then she had a lot of problems with the puzzle on the other side, but she powered through and we even made up some time.

    We made it to the pit stop in 5th place, which is exactly where we started this round so not bad! We have to make up some ground next week though so we can win that million dollars!

    Next stop is Italy, bro! BOOM!!! I love pizza! See you next week on The Amazing Race!


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